23 kinds of crystal effects and functions

by XieMark on January 07, 2021
The white crystal has a crystal clear appearance and is very fresh visually, which can make the wearer's mind clear and help stabilize the mood. In addition, citrine is known as the stone of wealth, and many people will wear citrine to achieve wealth. The amethyst is charming in color and helps to improve interpersonal relationships. Pink crystal helps increase the relationship of the opposite sex, and green ghost helps relieve tension.

1. White crystal

The appearance of white crystal is crystal clear and transparent, which can visually make the wearer's mind clear and help stabilize emotions.

2. Citrine

Citrine is known as the stone of wealth. It can show a golden yellow luster. Many people wear citrine to pray for wealth.

3. Amethyst

Amethyst is also called spiritual crystal. The color of this crystal is charming, mysterious, and bright. Wearing it on the body can help improve interpersonal relationships.

4. Pink crystal

Pink crystal can present a charming pink, this color is loved by many women, wearing pink crystal on the body can increase the relationship between the opposite sex.

5. Green ghost

The green ghost crystal contains a fresh and charming package. When the green ghost crystal is worn on the body, it can help relieve tension and anxiety visually.

6, hair crystal

Rutilated crystal is also called authoritative crystal. Wearing Rutilated crystal can increase personal temperament and increase the wearer's self-confidence.

7, red hair crystal

The red hair color gives people a feeling of vitality and passion. Wearing it on the body can strengthen the wearer's vitality and self-confidence.

8. Citrine

The color of the citrine is deep and charming. Wearing the citrine on the body can change the frivolous and irritable personality, and make people's aura become calm.

9, black crystals

Black crystals are also known as leader stones. Wearing black crystals on the body can increase personal charisma.


Garnet can show women's gentle and graceful temperament. Women wearing garnet can not only increase their self-confidence, but also attract happy love.

11. Agate stone

The color of agate stone is calm and soft. Wearing agate stone on the body can relieve stress and relieve tension.

12. Ametrine

Ametrine is suitable for business partners, parents, couples, and couples. Wearing ametrine can balance wealth and emotions.

13, Fluorite

The color of fluorite is soft and stable. Wearing it on the body can help relieve irritable emotions.

14. Peridot

The color of peridot is bright and charming. Wearing peridot on the body helps enrich people's thinking and imagination.

15. Amethyst Cave

Amethyst cave is often used as a feng shui stone, and many wealthy people will place amethyst cave in their homes to pray for good luck and wealth.

16. Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a precious gemstone second only to diamonds, emeralds, and red sapphires. Wearing tourmalines can also help improve interpersonal relationships.

17. Moonstone

Moonstone is a kind of love stone. Wearing a love stone can help attract the opposite sex, and at the same time can enhance the relationship between lovers.

18, white ghost

The color of the white ghost is pure and charming. Wearing the white ghost crystal can make people forget bad things visually, so that they can face the new life more positively.


Obsidian is also known as the Black Diamond Warrior. In Western countries, many people wear obsidian to pray for safety and health.

20. Tiger Eye

Tiger eye stone is considered the most noble sacred stone in India. Wearing tiger eye stone can enhance a person's aura and give the wearer more confidence and execution ability.

21. Aquamarine

The color of aquamarine is like water, and water represents peace and wealth. Wearing aquamarine on your body can make life happy and stable.

22. Aventurine

Aventurine jade has a soft and charming color and a delicate and moist feel. Wearing it on the body can help relieve uneasy emotions and relax the body and mind.

23. Shu Julai Stone

The color of Shu Julai is very gorgeous and mysterious. Wearing Shu Julai on the body can stimulate people's potential and make people more inspired.