Crystals and chakras

by XieMark on January 14, 2021

7 chakra bracelet

In the yoga practice that began to prevail in the ancient East India, the human body was divided into seven energy centers. These seven energy centers appeared in the shape of a circling wheel, so they were called the seven chakras. The seven chakras are: the sea chakra, Navel chakra, sun chakra (also known as stomach chakra), heart chakra, throat chakra, brow chakra, crown chakra. (There are also some schools that put forward the concept of the eighth round. Only a few people develop the function of the eighth energy center. It is related to the love of small things in daily life, such as the love of serving others, and the love related to warmth. Love. Because the position is outside the body, there is no duality, no negative nature, only the question of how much development is.) We can receive and convey spiritual, social and sexual energy through the chakras.

The energy of the chakras is the same as all the cycles of the universe. There are deficiencies and excesses. Different colors can be used to complement and resolve them, such as red to blue, orange to purple and blue, purple to yellow, etc. Chakras There are even different dedicated frequencies or notes, which will vibrate the corresponding chakras, awakening or opening them. The human body is originally an electromagnetic field full of energy, or it is like a large liquid crystal. In this electromagnetic field, there are seven rounds of colored light, and layers of rainbow rays are naturally formed on the outside, which is body light, although body light It can be changed by self-awakening, religious practice, meditation, etc., but the most economical and effective method is to use crystal therapy, aromatherapy and spiritual colored oil.

Each chakra has its own corresponding body organ and sensory perception



Earth Wheel-Beyond the Body

  • Colour: Black

Sea Chakra-the first energy center

  • color: red

Manipura-the second energy center

  • Color: orange

Solar plexus-the third energy center

  • Color: yellow

Heart chakra/higher heart chakra-fourth energy center

  • Color: green (heart chakra), pink (higher heart chakra)

Throat Chakra-the fifth energy center

  • color: blue

The brow chakra-the sixth energy center

  • Color: purple blue (green)

Sahasrara-the seventh energy center

  • Color: purple

Round 8-Beyond the Body

  • color: White



Three meridians (nadi/channels)


Another component of our spiritual body is the three meridians, namely the left channel, the middle channel and the right channel. The three channels are the three powers in our body. The left channel is in charge of our memory, past and emotions, and the right channel is in charge of our thinking, future, actions and planning. Most people can only use the energy of the left and right channels because the central channel is not opened, and most of them cannot use both sides equally. Some people use more energy on the left, and some people use more energy on the right, which creates two very different personalities.


(I) Left channel (Left channel or Ida Nadi) namely Yin channel or Moon channel

Relative to the past, groggy, sensual and superego (social constraints), it also controls the power of desire.

People who lean to the left are very introverted. They are emotional, but they are timid to express themselves. They are often sentimental and self-pity. Their advantage is that they are more artistic, easier to get along with, never dominate others, and do nothing. The disadvantage is that they are lazy in character, indecisive in doing things, lack of system, and easily controlled by others. In today's highly competitive society, their achievements are often limited. People who tend to the left side will not torture others, but are willing to accept others' torture. They tend to be willing to suffer and head toward self-destruction.


(II) Right channel (Right channel or Pingala Nadi) means Yang channel or Sun channel

Relative to the future, rational logic, domination, and self also control the power of action.

Those who tend to the right are extroverted and active, are good at thinking and planning, and have the courage to express themselves, but lack emotional and artistic development. Their advantage is that they are capable, organized, and know how to organize others to do things for themselves. Because they have more energy and do things like endless energy, they can do big things with courage. In modern society, this kind of People often become politicians, officials, administrators, etc., with certain achievements and status. But their shortcoming is that they are too big, thinking that everything is under their control. They only see themselves but not others, so they don't hesitate to sacrifice others to serve themselves. At a small level, it is to use others and exploit others, and at a large level, it is to invade and plunder other countries. People who tend to the right vein tend to overheat their livers, so they have a grumpy temper and yell at others, making them feel painful.


(II) Central channel (Sushumna Nadi)

The midrib is located in the middle of the spine. Compared to the present moment, evolution, and spiritual advancement, this is the only channel through which mankind and the universe’s spiritual power are united, and the source of joy.

The seven chakras are located in the central channel and are balanced energy.


The left pulse is inward and the right pulse is outward, which is why the left enters and the right exits.