Crystals to purify and balance energy

by Mark Xie on September 07, 2020

Do you often feel constantly tired; as if something around you was consuming all your energy instantly? Although we cannot see our life force, we know it exists because we have emotions, and we can also feel when our energy levels get depleted. Emotions stand for energy in motion.

There are places – and even people – that concentrate and attract large amounts of negative energy, or “bad vibrations”. As sentient beings, we are full of vital energy. If you expose yourself to negative energy without protecting your energy field, it can affect you, and you will end up feeling exhausted. With time, if you remain exposed to a toxic environment without taking any measures to repel or contain it, it might even get you sick. This is why it is very important to read the signs your body is sending you and take the necessary actions to improve the quality of your surroundings. Ideally, the best way to avoid absorbing this negativity is to get away from it, but if you can’t distance yourself from it, you must try to purify the energy of that place or person and try to raise your own vibration as well. There are several ways of doing this, this article we will focus mainly on using crystals to purify the dense energy of an environment around you and protect yourself against toxic energy.

It is important to keep in mind that crystals work by emitting energy through its vibration. These positive frequencies and vibrations can “jumpstart” the natural healing processes of a place or a person. This process can take some effort, discipline and self awareness from your part. It can also take some time, depending on the magnitude of the situation. Therefore, it is important to remain patient and have faith in the process. Eventually, through working with your crystals, you will begin to notice a spiritual elevation, a sense of wellbeing and feelings of joy, relaxation and purification. You will also experience the manifestation of positive outcomes; prosperous events, encounter of love, and so on.

Crystals work at an interdimensional level so don’t get discouraged if you feel that nothing
seems to change. All the work might be happening in the background while you’re completely unaware of it. If in any case a crystal is not able to induce the necessary changes from within, it will act as a magnet that will attract to you the situations, the people, the resources, the books, the information, the songs or the messages you need to get to where you want to go. In any case; you must persist, never give up and keep working with your gemstones. If there is one thing we’ve learned while working with crystals is that even if things do not seem to change at all day by day – in the future when you look back, everything will be different.

To learn more about the best crystals to purify energy, we invite you to read on. Below, you will find a list of the top crystals to cleanse energy.


It is said that selenite is one of the few crystals that never needs to be cleansed due to its purifying and cleansing properties. This mineral can be used to purify the energy of other crystals, people and the space around it. Selenite can also be used as a “cure” for your home following the principles of Feng shui. Simply, leave a crystal next to a Selenite for a minimum of 15 minutes to cleanse it. However, feel free to leave your crystals recharging next to the selenite as long as you feel that it’s necessary. Crystals love being around the energy of selenite.

Selenite’s unique gift to cleanse and recharge other crystals, its surrounding environment, and itself; makes selenite a “must have” in anyone’s collection. This gemstone is also beneficial to raise one’s vibration and cleanse the aura. It purifies and helps to balance all your energy points. Selenite attracts positive energy into a specific area; creating a safe and calm space to disconnect, focus and relax. It removes blockages and stagnated chi, allowing a positive flow of energy. Selenite is the ideal stone to decorate an altar, a living room, a desk, a home, a business or even an office. It is a great crystal for meditation and to get rid of negative energy in one’s life.

Clear Quartz

Also known as hyaline quartz, the clear quartz crystal has very ancient origins. It is known as a master crystal because it can be used for any purpose. However, it is often used to decongest and purify stagnant energy in the body, a place or energy field thanks to its purity and its ability to harmonize energy.

The hyaline quartz has one of the highest vibrational energies for manifestation and protection. This crystal is able to emit a high vibrational-energy and form a crystalline shield of power around the person who uses it, which can help to dissolve negative energy and strengthen the positive one. Clear quartz is also ideal for amplifying the force of positive affirmations, prayers and healing thoughts. In energy healing treatments, the clear quartz can also be used to stimulate the energy of the chakras. This helps to restore the chakras back to balance while removing any energy blockages. The clear quartz works primarily with the crown chakra making it ideal to establish a clear connection with your higher self and the universe.

An interesting practice you can try to amplify the results of working with crystals, is to put a clear quartz in your hands and dip them into a jug of water. If you have access to the sea or a natural stream of water, you can also submerge the entire body of your crystal in water while holding it. The water is a powerful conductor of energy and it will help amplify the experience. Water and quartz vibrate at the same frequency as the human body, because they have similar structures; the human body is made up of 70% water, silicon and oxygen (just like water) and quartz is made up of silicon dioxide (SIO2). Meaning that when submerge yourself in water, in a certain sense you will become one with the crystal and nature. Once you’re in the water with your crystals, start sending prayers of love or focus on what you want to manifest or repeat your positive affirmations. Once you are done, don’t forget to thank the river or the ocean for its help and support by sending it love. If you happen to lose your crystal in the ocean or a river, don’t despair and consider it a small tribute to the great spirit of the universe.


Amethyst is a variety of purple quartz most commonly found in the form of a druse, cluster or a geode. Thanks to its high vibration energy, amethyst is often used in holistic medicine to purify energy. It is also a protection stone against any kind of negativity, that can shield a person from the side-effects of the heavy negative energy. Amethyst also helps to restore energetic balance and bring calmness by allowing the energy to flow freely and appropriately in a room or through any chakra in the human body.


Agates can also be useful for cleansing heavy energies. Their specialty is to harmonize and balance the energy around them including those in the body. At the same time, agate transmits spiritual strength and emotional balance. Therapists who work with crystals use large agate pieces because they need its power for healing purposes. However, for everyday use, a small agate crystal is more than enough.

To make the most out of this crystal’s purifying powers, try to cleanse them at least once a month to free them from the dense energies they have accumulated. To do this, you can bathe them in direct sunlight or expose them to the light of the moon. You could also try to bury them for a few hours or days to let them recharge their energy.

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