Does Crystal has healing power?

by Mark Xie on September 02, 2020

Crystals have been used for thousands of years in diverse cultures to cleanse energy and alleviate various diseases; for example, the Romans used talismans and crystal amulets to improve health and protection in battle. The Egyptians replaced the heart of the mummies with lapis lazuli to encourage regeneration in the world; they used quartz to balance the energy of the body through enlightenment and consciousness; and precious stones in the navel to stimulate sexual energy, enlightenment, attract love, and awaken the third eye. The Chinese, used crystal needles in acupuncture, and amethyst to stimulate the change of a normal state of meditative consciousness. The Greeks had hematite to make warriors invincible; these stones were considered eternal ice sent from heaven. Finally, the Japanese used quartz to balance the heart and express their power and wisdom.

Crystals symbolize spiritual, earthly and heavenly power; knowledge and strength. Thanks to the sun and the entrails of Mother Earth, Each stone in this universe, has its own energy and magnetism, which were stored during their formation thousands of years ago. Crystals are used for the welfare of people. The healing power of crystals emanates from their energetic vibration, and this has been harnessed through lithotherapy and reiki.

Lithotherapy consists of using crystals in order to achieve balance and harmony in the body, a kind of redistribution of energy. Reiki, on the other hand, uses crystals to harmonize the chakras and the energy field with the aim of draining vitiated energy, which manifests itself through recurrent pain, fatigue and digestive problems. In addition, with the use of crystals, reiki allows healing of traumas and addictions in order to provide total relaxation.

In the world there is a great variety of crystals, of different sizes, shapes and colors, but all have properties that can be applied both for holistic healing and to meditate, help channeling, strengthen the connection with other dimensions and worlds, to cleanse the aura, charge the body with energy and unblock the chakras. If you want to know some of the crystals most used for their healing powers, this article is for you.

Rose quartz

Crystals have properties that act on our senses because they are composed of minerals that are identical to those contained in our body. Quartz crystals, in particular, have properties that generate harmony in love, wealth, health and profession. Depending on the color and type of quartz used, people can recharge healing energies in specific situations, for example, rose quartz is the perfect complement to a spiritual journey, is a mineral with such a great power that can bring improvements in health.

The pink color of the crystal charges a healing energy for the heart and traumas. As quartzes are long crystals, they are used as wands to open the chakra and direct energy through them.

If you feel depressed, carry a rose quartz stone to your heart so that it can connect to the heart chakra. An easy way to take advantage of a constant flow of your healing properties is to wear a long necklace so that the crystal is in direct contact with the energy center that governs the heart.

Citrine Quartz

Because of their properties, quartz crystals can protect us from the negative energy created in our electromagnetic field at home, work and in all those dense environments, as they absorb negative energy and transform it.

For its part, citrine quartz, a yellow crystal, is part of the extensive list of stones used in the application of reiki for being able to eliminate stomach problems, relieve anxiety, reduce stress and relax the mind, which allows you to think clearly and make the best decisions.


Selenite is one of the main crystals to stabilize the mind and body, as it has the ability to transform high density negative energies into lighter and positive energies. If you have a selenite and you want to clean it, do not use water. Selenite is crystallization of the plaster, therefore, it is soluble; if you put it in water with the objective of cleaning it, the most probable is that it will damage the piece.


Amethyst is a crystal of protection and spiritual purification, which clears the energy field of negative influences and creates a resonant shield of spiritual light around the body. Amethyst is much appreciated because it reduces muscle aches and shoulder heaviness. It helps to balance the body, mind and soul. It promotes relaxation and peace.

Wearing healing crystals will allow you to constantly use and take advantage of the protection and healing energies they emit. In addition, it is now very simple to incorporate healing crystals into daily life, as they can be used in multiple ways and look great. For example, you can have them in your home or office as decorative objects, or you can wear them on bracelets, rings or chains as part of your outfit. If you want to purchase healing crystals and take advantage of the health benefits they offer, Crystal Dreams has the solution for you.

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