Earth wheel

by XieMark on January 15, 2021


The ground wheel, under the soles of the feet, outside the body


Corresponding light: black light



Smoky Crystal (Citrine, Smoky Crystal, Black Crystal, Smoky Crystal):


Characteristics: Hexagonal cylinders, sometimes containing rutile, volcanic mud and other connotations. Light brown is called citrine, dark brown or gray brown is called smoky crystal, and dark to opaque black crystal or smoky crystal. The change is due to the exposure of natural radiation. Some merchants irradiate the white crystal to become smoke crystals, but the residual radiation will not harm the human body.

Physiological function: Corresponding to the sea chakra, it has a strong sense of (perineal points), can promote sexual vitality, and improve various long-term addictions, such as alcoholism, smoking and drug addiction. It is said to be effective against infectious diseases and cancer.

Psychological effect: It can make people stable, relieve mental pressure, have a soothing effect on people with depression and suicidal tendencies, and can strengthen their mobility for people with high vision and low eyesight, avoiding just saying nothing. Let people understand their dreams better, develop the depth of the spiritual level, and transform the negative energy deep in the heart into positive energy. Citrine, also known as smoky crystal, can eliminate the habit of loosening, relieve stress, eliminate troubles, and help stabilize the spirit. Tension and anxiety.


Black crystals:


Characteristics: The content is black needle-like or hair-like substances, most of which are black tourmaline (Black Tourmaline), which looks very cool and modern!

Physiological function: Corresponding to the sea chakra, it can guide the Qi to the next three chakras. It has a good balance effect for office workers or creative workers who often overuse their brains.

Psychological function: Black crystal is also known as the leader stone. The person in charge can increase the charisma of the leader, strengthen the centripetal force of the deployment, and help the career. It can prevent evil and transform evil spirits and absorb sick energy. It can become an effective amulet, absorb all negative energy, prevent witchcraft, black spells, etc.




Traits: Obsidian has always been covered with a veil of mystery due to its changeability and energy, but through the personal experience of many friends, it does have a very powerful role in preventing evil and transforming evil. It can not only avoid the interference of negative energy, but also remove unpleasant smells. The musty smell and bad luck, whether worn personally or placed at home, are the best guardian stones in life!

Obsidian is a kind of natural volcanic glass. The high heat of the volcanic eruption dissolves nearby glass (that is, glass). It is not crystals, shell-shaped fractures, and no birefringence. Some of them are small when cooled rapidly. The water molecules and air condense in it, so that when the obsidian is carved into a convex surface, the water molecules and air in it are refracted by light to form concentric rainbow circles. Some have only one rainbow circle called monocular rainbow obsidian, and some have relative positions. The two rainbow circles are called binocular obsidian. In addition, some also contain golden or silver minerals, which are transformed into the golden sand or silver sand obsidian in people’s mouth. In addition, it is said that the obsidian closer to the crater contains white snowflake crystals, which is very special. Called snowflake obsidian.

Physiological function: Corresponding to the sea chakra, it can lead the body's qi to the next three chakras, which can strengthen the kidneys, absorb disease qi, treat infertility, and help sleep. It is also said to have a therapeutic effect on the liver. Generally, crystal hand beads are suitable for wearing on the left hand, while obsidian hand beads can also be worn on the right hand to absorb the negative energy discharged from the body.

Psychological function: Has a strong ability to avoid evil, and can absorb negative energy strongly, avoiding unclean things. Placing an obsidian at the door is like asking a bottle of door gods, so in Mayan temples in Mexico, it is often used at this time Used as the eyes of beasts or statues or used as weapons, tools, masks and mirrors, but now it has been stolen by the tomb robbers, showing the power! Because of the strong energy, negative energy can be absorbed and eliminated. People with sensitive constitutions should avoid sitting and visualization to avoid excessive stimulation, and must be thoroughly purified and cleaned after each use.


Black Onyx:


Traits: The black onyx of the Hidden Crystal tribe has a nickname called Herius. It looks a bit like obsidian, but it is more shiny. It is usually carved into carvings or ornaments.

Physiological effects: improve the reproductive system.

Psychological function: Make people objectively and detached, avoid losing their way in complex environments, increase people's self-confidence, avoid fear and anxiety, and prevent the invasion of negative energy such as spells and witchcraft.


Black meteorite:


Traits: Ancient time ago, a large meteorite fell on the earth, so this cool black meteorite was formed. It has a very special taste. It has traces of about 600,000 to 35 million years. The energy is strong and outstanding. Very suitable for men to wear.

Physiological function: It can strengthen the sexual function of men and women, nourish the kidneys, enhance physical strength and energy, and accelerate the circulation of qi and blood.

Psychological effect: It is a very good amulet to avoid evil and transform evil spirits. People with bad luck can wear it for transportation!