Fifth round: Throat chakra

by XieMark on January 20, 2021



Throat chakra, located in the neck, center of the throat.



Characteristics: Beautiful aquamarine ore, full of romantic ocean flavor! It is also reminiscent of the blue sky, transparent to translucent blue gemstone, which makes people feel in a good mood, but not many good images, usually There are natural ice cracks and clouds.

Physiological function: blue corresponds to the throat chakra, which helps to strengthen communication and expression ability. It has curative effect on the nearby throat, trachea, thyroid and other organs. It is suitable for wearing around the throat.

Psychological function: Aquamarine is often used for meditation, and it can communicate with metaphysical power to a certain degree, so it can master the use of time and space. It is a gem of love and peace.


Blue Chalcedony:

Characteristics: The color of chalcedony is different due to the non-copper minerals. Among them, there are variants of microcrystalline quartz chalcedony, such as the onyx with linear interlayer, cornelian with iron oxide and translucent orange-red, reddish brown Varieties of carnelian, as well as moss agate and branch agate that contain twigs or seaweed-shaped substances, and green apple green chalcedony are also very popular! Ancient scholars often referred to agate and chalcedony as the "third eye" It is said that it can resonate with the passing wave frequency, strengthen the power of atoms, and make electrons work. Therefore, for those who love astrology and study spiritualism, it is a catalyst to enhance their ability to see the spiritual world. This shows that Why do so-called dzi beads like to use agate or chalcedony as their original material?

Physiological effects: It is said that chalcedony can reduce eye problems. Blue chalcedony is helpful for organs near the throat, such as trachea, lungs, and thyroid. Therefore, it can improve immunity in this area. There are also alternatives to the recent SARS epidemic. The control effect. In addition, it can reduce pain and promote breastfeeding of pregnant women. The ancient Romans believed that wearing chalcedony could ward off evil spirits, and if exposed to ultraviolet UV light or indigo light for about 30 minutes, the energy of chalcedony could be much enhanced.

Psychological function: Chalcedony is a representative of the moon and is closely related to water. Therefore, it is said to prevent drowning and accidents, avoid the intrusion of witchcraft, and is also a good amulet for people who often travel outside. To be safe and avoid some negative energies, it also has the effect of warding off evil and transforming evil to children. For example, SARS and bird flu are said to be a kind of wind evil. The blue chalcedony corresponds to the throat chakra, which can increase self-expression, communication and coordination.



Characteristics: The color of cordierite is very similar to the sapphire produced in Burma and because it often contains water, it is also called aqua sapphire. It is also called water sapphire because of its color and luster and the price is much cheaper than sapphire. Dubbed the sapphire of the poor, cordierite has a very stable energy and cannot change its color by heating. It is a genuine gem.

Physiological function: different blue colors correspond to the throat chakra and brow chakra, which can improve the diseases of the eyes, sore throat, trachea, and respiratory tract. It can also stimulate the thyroid, accelerate and smooth the metabolism, and it is also helpful to the circulatory system and skin. It is allergic People with phenomena can also use lapis lazuli visualization to relieve allergic symptoms.

Psychological function: Corresponding to the throat chakra and brow chakra, it is of great help to the development of the sixth sense and the mind. Cordierite has a reconciling effect on "rationality" and "spirituality", making it easier for people to obtain leadership positions in careers and various relationships. For the leaders, it is easier to be convinced at work and when dealing with others, easy to lead and manage people and affairs, and can consolidate their leadership position.


lapis lazuli:

Characteristics: different levels of blue, sometimes containing golden yellow (pyrite) or white (calcite) connotations, seals or ornaments made of lapis lazuli can be seen in ancient ornaments in Egypt or the Middle East, and even by The Egyptians considered it to be a kind of holy stone, which could only be worn by the pharaohs, high priests and other persons with great status.

Physiological function: different blue colors correspond to the throat chakra and eyebrow chakra, which can improve the diseases of the eyes, sore throat, trachea, and respiratory tract. It can also stimulate the thyroid gland, accelerate and smooth the metabolism, and also help the circulatory system and skin. It is allergic People with phenomena can also use lapis lazuli visualization to relieve allergic symptoms.

Psychological effects: Using lapis lazuli during visualization can make it easier to activate the chakras. For example, placing it in the brow chakra can help hypnosis and deep meditation. However, people with sensitive physique should be especially careful when using it to avoid dizziness or discomfort. In a comfortable situation, due to the powerful power of lapis lazuli, you must have respect and focus when using it in order to be fully engaged and unite nature and man.


Natural blue (green) glass:

Characteristics: According to data records: natural colored glaze, its main constituent element is still SiO2, probably due to volcanic eruption. High temperature dissolves minerals in the rock and soil. After some natural environment, it produces a structure similar to artificial glass. , So it is also called natural volcanic glass. At present, natural colored glaze is more common in blue and green, and some have natural white silk or misty crystals, which look like white clouds or drizzle when you look at it. They are very beautiful! Some have no connotations, clear and transparent, crystal clear, so people love it! For example, Crystal himself is very fond of the freshness and clarity of blue colored glaze, as if it can be used to wash away the dust accumulated in the soul and restore the original clarity! I wonder if you like Crystal as much?

Physiological function: Interestingly, natural colored glaze can also help us get rid of some addictive bad habits in life, such as smoking and alcoholism!

Psychological function: Because natural volcanic glaze is also nurtured by nature, it is different from artificial glass. It has the same magnetic field as natural crystal. It also has the functions of storage, transmission and expansion. Natural glaze has a pure and transparent appearance. People think of the purest and purest energy between heaven and earth, can turn negative thoughts into wise positive thoughts, and have unconstrained imagination and accurate insight and intuition. They are most suitable for worshipping Buddha, practicing, giving and visualizing. . It is as clear as glass, so you can see yourself and develop inspiration and creativity from the deepest part of your heart.



Characteristics: The appearance is dark and uneven, but the ore after the cut is reflected by light from a special angle, there will be a colorful phenomenon (Play of Fire), which makes people have unexpected joy!

Physiological function: It is used to massage when it is sore here and there, and it has the function of alleviating pain. The blue energy has an effect on the pain of the eyes, ears and nose.

Psychological function: When you are in an unclear, ambiguous situation, you can distinguish the truth from the false without being deceived.


Blue tourmaline (blue tourmaline)

Characteristics: Blue electrical is very rare, usually the proportion of blue in the whole tourmaline is very small, so it is more worth cherishing.

Physiological function: blue energy corresponds to the throat chakra, and indigo tourmaline corresponds to the eyebrow chakra. It has an effect on the pain of eyes, ears and nose. It can also relieve headaches and balance the imbalance of the sea chakra.

Psychological function: The blue magnetic field can make people's mood clear and emotional, especially can strengthen the ability of predicting and intelligent induction.