Fourth round: Heart chakra

by XieMark on January 19, 2021



The heart chakra is located in the center of the heart.


Green ghost crystal (moss crystal, garden crystal):

Features: Contains green volcanic mud ash and other connotations. In the transparent white crystal, natural phenomena such as clouds, water plants, vortex and even pyramids appear. So far no scholar or expert can explain why a complete crystal appears in the crystal. A pyramid exactly like the pyramid of ancient Egypt? The neat green shadows are actually a diary of geological changes!

Physiological effects: The fourth round of affected glands are the heart, lungs, immune system, thymus, and lymph glands. It is pointed out that green or pink light can be used to treat heartache, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, dyspnea, tension, insomnia, anger, delusions, Generally speaking, white light can be used to treat any disease, but white light is too nourishing and will nourish particles. Only green light only chooses healthy cells to supply nutrients. The center is the most balanced color. When you are under high pressure, hold the green ghost to meditate and fill your body with green light, which can relieve tension and relax yourself.

Psychological effect: Both the green light and the pink light correspond to the heart chakra, and the representative symbol is the big satellite, which is just between the upper three chakras and the lower three chakras, right and left. The heart chakra is the "fourth chakra". People who are in the fourth chakra are characterized by strong compassion, implanters, optimistic and positive, like to look at people's strengths, friendly, sociable, active in the group, and emotional. Being able to bend and stretch in the relationship between the sexes, longing for the unity of body and soul, otherwise it is easy to be lonely. The ultimate goal is to find the feelings and objects that combine body and mind. And because the currency of the established country in the world-the United States, the dollar bills are green, so it means that green represents wealth, and it is different from yellow light: green represents wealth brought by legitimate work and career, not The windfall represented by the yellow light, therefore, is well known by people in this era of personal ability and effort.


Green hair crystal:

Traits: The green hair in the green hair crystal is not an ordinary mineral! It's Actinolite, as the name suggests, has a powerful effect on men! It can also attract wealth. It is very rare in itself, and it has been discontinued for sale.

Physiological effects: The four affected glands are the heart, lungs, immune system, thymus, and lymph glands. It is pointed out that green or pink light can be used to treat heartache, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, dyspnea, tension, insomnia, anger, delusion, cancer , Especially for the treatment of cancer, it is best to use green. However, since the internal essence of the green hair crystal is actinolite, it is also helpful to the reproductive system, and the power of the hair crystal is stronger than the energy of the unsent crystal, so you need to pay more attention when using it.

Psychological effect: Invite positive wealth, be able to achieve a smooth career, arouse fighting spirit, accept challenges, and open up new territory. Strengthen opportunities for salary increase and promotion. People who are unemployed are also easy to find good jobs. You can get help from the nobles when you travel and negotiate business, and you can get unexpected opportunities. In addition, you can open your heart to accept and radiate more love.


Czech meteorite:

Characteristics: The main component of Czech meteorites comes from high content of silicon, sometimes containing a very small amount of water, and occasionally small bubbles can be seen through light. The main producing areas are mostly distributed in the Czech Republic and neighboring countries, so it is very, very rare. The largest Czech meteorite is said to be only about 200 grams.

Selection principle: The shape is intact without cracking, the shape is strange or round, it is extreme, some people like to be more and more uglier but cute, some people like to be upright, the color is uniform and changeable after looking through it, and it has a special beauty.

Approximate method: Use a metal frame such as silver to insert the necklace maid and shrink it on the chest, corresponding to the heart chakra. Or carry it in your pocket and hold it in your hand at any time, with the same effect.

Reasons: There are different opinions so far, and there is no definite reason. There are various theories as follows:

  1. Ore from volcanic eruptions and splashes from other planets such as the moon or other meteors hitting the surface of the moon (such as Jiaming Lake near Xiangyang, Chiayi. Scholars once pointed out that it was a large crater caused by a large meteorite impact thousands of years ago. During the impact, the minerals nearby are melted and splashed to high altitude due to instantaneous high temperature and high pressure. When they hit the ground, they will condense in the atmosphere when they meet with cold air to form various crystals. Therefore, special stones may be found nearby occasionally), comets, and other A broken planet, meteors made of silicon, aluminum, manganese, etc., iron stone meteorites melt in the atmosphere and then merge and transform.
  2. Material formation from the earth

For example, caused by a meteor or comet hitting the earth, lightning melts the soil or dust in the air, forest fires or coal spontaneous combustion transformation, volcanic eruption is formed by stratum extrusion orogeny, artificial inadvertent formation: such as slag or glass products in the furnace Wait.

(Physiological function: it can open up the two-way chakra, strengthen energy, green light corresponds to the heart chakra, people's heart blossoms, and they are very excited every day. It is said to relieve depression and suicide.) (But because the magnetic field is too strong, the qi Friends who are weaker may not be too close at once, otherwise they will be uncomfortable. A while ago, Crystal was uncomfortable and lack of energy. As a result, he placed the Czech meteorite on the computer keyboard close to him that day, and immediately dizzy and moved away. It's okay.)

Psychological function: The energy is very strong, and the corresponding throat chakra, brow chakra and crown chakra can be expanded and expanded, which can strengthen the ability to predict, develop the ability to receive another type of information, so as to avoid sleep or visualization and even backtracking In the past life, see the effect of the picture clearly.

Together with other crystals, it can help strengthen the spirituality of other crystals. The effect is multiplied. It is a rare gem known by experts.

  • Match with amethyst-can open the brow chakra and crown chakra, strengthen the communication between the human world and the god world, so that the resetter has the bodhicitta to initiate compassion.
  • Pair with white crystal-it can exorcise evil spirits, improve Feng Shui, wake up the crystal that has been dormant due to long-term restart, reopen and enhance its energy.
  • Matching with citrine-yellow light can be very clear when people think and analyze, and it will not be affected by external forces. When matched with Czech meteorites, it will be stronger. It is very helpful for students or people who use their brains. Yellow light It is also a symbol of partial wealth, with the green energy of the Czech meteorite-Zhaozheng Cai, so this combination is positive, partial wealth is recruited, and it is the best partner for the money grabbing family!
  • Match with hair crystal-super powerful combination, very powerful energy! It can promote the ambition and pattern of being a supervisor or person in charge, and expand the business scope! , But don’t take too long.
  • Match with smoke crystal-help people to see their sex, get rid of the realm of ignorance, strengthen sexual ability and immunity, make people healthier and easier.
  • Pair with pink crystals-the soft power of pink crystals can soften the frequency of the magnetic field of Czech meteorites, make it easier for people with qi deficiency to accept its magnetic field, and can also strengthen the power of the heart chakra, allowing people to open their hearts and accept the positive from the universe energy. People who are viable and hopeful for love can find their ideal partner by using the dual power of Czech meteorite and pink crystal to exude unstoppable charm.
  • Match with green ghost crystal-people are rich in addition to getting rich, and even attract unexpected opportunities and causes!


Green tourmaline:

Characteristics: Green tourmaline is also known as tourmaline, but many people have directly called tourmaline tourmaline, the only powerful ore of tourmaline, like all tourmalines, is prone to static electricity, so it will be covered with a layer Dust should be wiped more often to keep it clean.

Physiological effects: all the different colors of tourmaline have something to do with the intestines, reorganize the intestines, and even have the function of decomposing the accumulated viscera in the intestines (removing stool), but it may also cause constipation if used too much. , Especially when black tourmaline is used to guide the intestines, while green tourmaline has an interfering effect and can make the intestinal peristalsis more smooth.

The so-called watermelon tourmaline with green skin and red meat is most rare, but it is also the most attractive. Green and red energy can balance metabolism and glands, and can open up a perforated energy center, so that the body's energy can maintain normal operation. , So it claims to have a preventive effect on cancer.

Psychological effect: It can also help balance the cognition of male and female roles. Green light also has the effect of attracting wealth, making people happy and peaceful.


Green East Lingshi:

Characteristics: The current crystals of Donglingshi are green and red. Most of them are opaque, sometimes a little translucent, and the hardness is similar to that of crystal.

Physiological function: Green corresponds to the heart chakra, which helps the heart and lungs. Green Donglingshi has been successfully used in psychotherapy. It is effective for cardiopulmonary problems and can increase muscle flexibility. It is most often used to treat the heart, relieve stress, and eye diseases.

Psychological effect: adapting to a happy mood, especially a good medicine for broken-hearted friends. It can not only comfort the injured heart, but also promote the courage to fall in love again. Green is also the color of wealth, and it also represents the beauty of prosperity. For busy and nervous modern people, green Donglingshi is also a good partner in creating the future. People often associate ideas and dreams, enhance self-judgment and help decision-making. What can make us happy or not. It can alleviate worry and comfort emotions, bring opportunities, and bring luck to gamblers. It can help people who like to indulge in gambling games to get money and luck, and increase one's creativity and leadership skills, usually with a lot of money and improve creative ability There is a big connection.


Vision Crystal:

Characteristics: Lovely and unpretentious vision crystal with many connotations of different colors, such as green, red, purple, white and other colors of volcanic mud, or red and white connotations that are lingering like cotton, often there are images in them The transparent three-dimensional effect of the seabed is very attractive.

Physiological effects: Different content substances produce different colors and correspond to different chakras, but they are usually mostly green, which can correspond to the heart chakra, which is helpful for the cardiopulmonary function and the creatures that cross.

Psychological effect: For those who want everything to go well, wearing a vision crystal is right! Because the colors of different volcanic mud correspond to different things, it will make you proud of all aspects of your emotional, career, and health. It is the best choice for people who want to do several things at once!


Positive electrode (turquoise):

The characteristic is: there is a change from sky blue to green, depending on the ratio of copper to iron content in the ore. It is generally presented in the form of lumps of microcrystals, with shell fractures, usually expanded shells or nodules. At present, there are laboratories that can prefabricate artificial turquoise, but like artificial nutrition crystals, the color is very uniform, and the color is different from the natural substitutes or other connotations, which is easy to identify. In the past, it was transported to European countries through Turkey, the origin and destination of the ancient Silk Road, so it got the alias of turquoise.

Physiological function: Scientists regard turquoise as a sacred stone, and believe that its blue-green color comes from the blue sky, and the sky is the source of the air we breathe. Therefore, it is believed that turquoise has a good effect on lung and respiratory problems. It is also for eye diseases, and it can block radiation damage.

Psychological function: Putting a few turkeys on the door lintel of the house has the function of preventing evil and protecting property. In addition, Europeans also have legends, believing that Turkey can prevent falls, in case of falling injuries, it will not be too serious, and can protect riders and horses, so it becomes the best body stone for travellers. In particular, if you make a ring, it will regain the role of evil spirits and evil spirits. If you give it as a gift, it will give you the power of blessing and protect love and friendship. When couples give each other, they can bring happiness and success.


Green Garnet:

Trait: Green garnet is rarely seen, right? Don't doubt, she is a kind of garnet, because the content of minerals such as vanadium produces a beautiful translucent green, and the black spots may be related to magnetite, which is very rare!

Physiological function: The green luster also corresponds to the heart chakra, which is effective for the heart and lungs. The inner magnet also makes the energy stronger.

Psychological effect: adapt to a cheerful mood, easy to open up to absorb others, and have the meaning of rebirth.



Features: Malachite (malachite) is copper hydroxycarbonate, the color ranges from light to dark green. Its name comes from the Greek Malache, and it is often found near the veins of copper mines. Because its color is accompanied by copper, and copper is usually dedicated to Venus (Venus), malachite is also highly respected by its followers. Based on this, malachite is regarded as an amulet (peace talisman) for seeking love, especially if it is carved into a Venus image from malachite, it is better to wrap it in copper.

Physiological function: Giving malachite as a gift to children can prevent illness and accidents. Wearing it in the heart can relieve heartache.

Psychological effect: light a green candle behind the malachite, 15 minutes a day, visualize your love harmony and call love to your side. The cluster-shaped malachite can enhance psychic abilities, while the stalactite-shaped one can increase wisdom. The ancient Romans called it malachite-named after the peacock bird that accompanied the goddess Juno Zhuno. Malachite can help people purify and activate the body’s chakras, especially the heart chakras and throat chakras, especially for calming emotions and Malachite can generate energy and has the effects of protection, business success, love, peace and stability. It also has the function of warning. When a danger is imminent, it will rupture to warn its owner. Malachite has a protective effect on children and travelers, which can help avoid bad luck.



Higher heart chakra


Corresponding light: pink light


Pink crystal (furong crystal, rose crystal, rose quartz):

Features: beautiful pink color, lovable! Generally, it contains a little natural white cloud pattern, and its color is due to the titanium and manganese content; the original ore is massive, and the powder crystal pillars on the market are later artificially polished. Transparent powder crystals are not common, among which rutile connotations should not be cut into a convex shape, and a single light source may produce a six-line starburst effect, known as "starlight powder crystal".

Note: The powder crystal will easily fade into white when exposed to high temperature, so it is best to avoid sun exposure during purification.

  • Many people like the delicate pink color, so some merchants use dyeing to deepen the color. However, this has already destroyed the magnetic field, so pay special attention when purchasing.

Physiological function: Corresponding to the heart chakra, it can help the functions of the heart, lungs, immune system, lymph glands, and thymus, indicating that it has a soothing function for heartache, blood pressure, high blood pressure, tension, insomnia, anger and other physiological phenomena.

Psychological effect: Everyone knows that the biggest energy of pink crystal is for love. Single people who want to find a partner can place large pink crystal balls in the peach blossom position in the southeast of the home, or place more pink crystals in every corner of the house, which will help attract the opposite sex and the peach blossoms! When married people or couples are arguing and not talking, placing the pink crystal between the pillows of the two can help the bedside quarrel at the end of the bed and resolve embarrassment. The internal magnetic field, especially the energy of the hesitant period, with more pink crystals in the bedroom, can create tender boudoir happiness. People with poor interpersonal relationships who are usually not well-connected due to various reasons become fans. If the store or company name hopes to be popular, and customers come to "customs" in an endless stream, place them at the store or counter. Putting the pink crystal ball or the seven-star array will have an obvious effect on popularity and business will become hotter.


Rhodochrosite (Inca rose, rhodolite):

Traits: Have beautiful pink! The scientific name is Rhodochrosi