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by XieMark on September 11, 2020

Seven Ways To Bring Positive Energy Into Your Home

Happiness at home is everything! Attract positive energy in your own home with these seven tips.


#1: Himalayan Salt Lamp Did you know that Himalayan salt lamps are a natural air purifier? This salt lamp also exudes negative ions, which can help promote positive energy, making you feel more relaxed at home. Bonus points that they are absolutely beautiful! 
#2: Healing Crystals Rid of the negative energy that you may feel with healing crystals. Place crystals in a bowl close by. By doing so, you can absorb unwanted energies. They add a nice touch to the room, too. 
#3: Elephants Yes, elephants. Did you know that elephants are considered a sacred symbol Chakra ? They are seen as guardians or protectors of the house. Place an elephant with it’s trunk facing upwards and toward the front door for good luck and protection.  
#4: Lighting This means both natural and man-made, so let’s start with natural. Natural lighting stimulates the production of vitamin D, which is responsible for making people feel happier. So open up those windows and let in as much natural light as you can. It makes the room feel brighter, and more positive. Man-made lights, such as lamps or even string-lights can add great ambiance to a room. When the sun goes down, these lights will set the mood at home, helping you to relax at the end of a long day. 
#5: Scents Find a scent that makes you happy, whether a candle, incense, or essential oil. If you are not sure where to start, try vanilla. Wafting vanilla may elevate your mood! According to a study, participants who took a whiff of vanilla experienced feelings of joy and relaxation. 
#6: House Plants Bring nature indoors and you’ll be reaping a number of health benefits. Research says that plants in your home can help reduce stress and anxiety. Here are 10 houseplants  to consider. 
#7: Pink Candle Did you know that lighting a pink candle can bring the energy of peace, love, and kindness? It adds the perfect pop of color, too.
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