How to identify lapis lazuli

by Mark Xie on September 20, 2020
The lapis lazuli crystal has a history of 6,000 years since it was discovered. It is one of the extremely rare gems. In the ancient Egyptian dynasty, the blue lapis lazuli was very precious and was worn by the nobles of the dynasty. jewelry. With the development and progress of the times, the popularity of the same gem jewelry is often distinguished by its unique color. The lapis lazuli has a sky-like hue and brilliance is a symbol of the majesty and lofty of the sky, so people often use counterfeit products to replace lapis lazuli.

(1) The color of lapis lazuli is mainly sky blue, dark blue, green blue, light blue and light cyan, etc. It is translucent or opaque, with a warm texture, delicate touch, and shining, which will emit a sparkling light like gold in the sun. ; The similar gemstones have a coarse crystalline structure, the colors are all, there is no bright golden light in the sun, the texture is not as gentle as lapis lazuli, and the hand feels rougher;

(2) Counterfeit products need to be obtained through instrumental testing. They have obvious differences in physical characteristics, and their composition and inclusions are also significantly different.

(3) The optimized lapis lazuli is usually lapis lazuli that has been waxed, dyed and bonded. The bonded lapis lazuli is mainly made of smashed and bonded with plastic. We can detect it with a hot needle, and the smell of plastic will appear. Observing with a magnifying glass, we can find that the finished product has an obvious fragmented structure; The lapis lazuli formed by wax and dyeing is actually easy to distinguish from the degree of brilliance and color, and they often appear unnatural.