Love tokens-the origin of crystal rings

by XieMark on November 09, 2020
According to historical records, the crystal ring originated in ancient Egypt three thousand years ago. At that time, the dignitaries in ancient Egypt took their seals as a symbol of status and power, and often carried the seals engraved with amethyst. Later for convenience. Put the seal into a ring and put it on your finger. This is the cone of the ring. Rings have appeared in the Han Dynasty in our country. At that time, they were called ring, also known as finger, Yuan, etc. The materials are mainly crystal, gold and silver, and jade.

The crystal ring used to determine the marriage relationship also originated in ancient Egypt. At that time, the engagement ring and the wedding ring belonged to the contract evidence, and they were mostly inlaid with transparent or purple crystals, implying that the love of young men and women was crystal clear, pure and flawless. The girl wears it on her ring finger when she gets married to show her loyalty and obedience to her husband. There was a "ring fever" in ancient Egypt. In ancient Rome, a woman’s wedding ring was engraved with a seal or key to symbolize the wife’s ownership of her husband’s property. At that time, nobles used amethyst or gold rings for marriage, and commoners used iron rings for marriage.

The custom of the bridegroom wearing a crystal ring to the bride originated in the 12th century. At that time, the wedding ring has become a "double ring" that connects two rings together, which means "in a pair" and is placed inside the ring. Engrave each other’s name and wedding date as a memorial. In the West, the 15th anniversary of the marriage is called a crystal wedding, and crystal rings are often chosen for memorials. Modern jewelry designers have designed a variety of crystal rings for women who love beauty. The shapes are heart-shaped, pear-shaped, oval, rectangular, marquise-shaped, etc., to cater to different personalities and tastes.
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