by XieMark on January 18, 2021



Navel chakra, slightly below the navel.


Red rabbit fur crystal:

Traits: It is a kind of red hair crystal (also called Venus crystal). Because the content is in the shape of fluffy rabbit hair, it is called rabbit hair crystal. There are red rabbit hair, orange rabbit hair, yellow rabbit hair, white rabbit hair and other different colors. Connotation.

Physiological function: orange-red color corresponds to the female genital organs such as the umbilical cord, skin, kidney, uterus, ovaries, and male seminal vesicles.

Psychological effects: soothing emotions, radiating warm and touching qualities of women, revealing self-confidence and positive action in gentleness.



Characteristics: Some retain the shape of seabed corals. After polishing, they can have white, orange and red colors. They are a very unique natural resource. In recent years, the survival rate of corals due to environmental pollution has decreased and is worth cherishing.

Physiological function: It can prevent women's physiology diseases such as menstrual pain. It is said that if children wear it, it has the effect of protecting the growth of bones. Red or pink coral is especially effective in detecting blood diseases. If the color becomes lighter as it is worn, it is likely to have problems such as anemia, poor blood circulation, and heart disease. It is also suitable for patients with neurological diseases. Corals are basically helpful for the growth of skin, nails, and hair.

Psychological effect: For love, it is like coral red, representing enthusiasm and passion. It can strengthen the wearer's sexy charm, help open the heart and accept feelings. It makes people raise their spiritual level, has a high degree of sensitivity, and has a reconciling effect on the unclear situation.


Laterite crystal:

Characteristics: Red clay crystal is also known as red ghost, which is a kind of phantom crystal. The red mineral in transparent crystal should be red volcanic mud. Sometimes it has melaleuca and three-dimensional triangular pyramid inside like white ghost or green ghost crystal. appear.

Physiological effects: It has a special therapeutic effect on the liver and kidney (more interesting is: its crimson color is very similar to the liver and kidney), and the red color light is also very helpful to the reproductive system, and it also has a conditioning effect on women's uterus, ovaries and endocrine. .

Psychological effect: It can improve the overly rational and calm thinking mode, make people more humane and compassionate, increase tolerance and empathy, and balance excessive blue aura.