Purification of crystal

by XieMark on January 12, 2021


They (crystals) like to stay in sights that are within sight, where they can reflect their brilliance and exude charm. ...They want to be placed in the light, where they can be seen, appreciated, and can perform their work. The purification process can reset their vibration frequency to make them more receptive to new homes and owners. …The best way to purify new ore is to bury it with sea salt for at least 3 hours. When the crystal needs to be purified, it usually loses its luster, showing a dull and dull appearance.


Why do crystal purification?


Crystal cleaning is also called crystal purification. Because the crystal has the function of storing information, it will remember all the people and things it has touched. Therefore, a crystal may retain the memories of other people. There may be some bad negative sexual energy, which may even affect To the crystal owner. Therefore, when you wear the crystal you just bought for the first time, you must purify it, reset the inner message to zero, and cultivate your own crystal. Natural crystals must be purified by the crystal owner to be useful. Clean after using the crystal. Especially as a healing crystal, because it absorbs the negative energy in the patient's body, it must be cleaned, otherwise it will destroy the life and brilliance of the crystal.



 1. Geode and crystal cluster purification method


Putting the crystal on the natural crystal cluster or inside the crystal hole can achieve a great purification effect. After the crystal has been worn for a whole day, he will be stored in the geode or crystal cluster when he returns home. The vibration energy (continuous and stable) emitted by the crystal cavity or crystal cluster can effectively clear the crystal. The negative energy of the battery, and recharge, the effect can be very good. The larger the volume of the geode and the crystal cluster, the stronger the effect, but don't put dozens of crystals in the same geode or crystal cluster, as the purification effect will be compromised.

-------- highly recommended


2. Sunlight irradiation method

The most powerful light energy in nature is one of crystal's favorite energies. Put the crystal in the sun for several hours to let nature's most powerful force purify your crystal. But it must be remembered that this method is not suitable for colored gemstones such as amethyst, citrine or pink crystal, because these crystals contain other elements such as Fe (iron) and Cu (copper), and prolonged exposure will cause Oxidation or high temperature can easily change the molecular structure in the crystal and fade, but if you have time, you can only let them bask in the morning sun.

 ———————— Moonlight reflects sunlight, has the same properties as sunlight, but is more gentle. For those crystals that are prone to mutation due to sunlight, moonlight is the best alternative.


 3. Sea salt purification method


Burying the crystal in coarse sea salt (unprocessed pure natural sea salt) for more than three hours can effectively purify the crystal, and then rinse the crystal. This method is equivalent to formatting, and it is necessary to use this method to clear the past memory remaining in the crystal, making it easier to adapt to the new owner. However, this method cannot be applied to crystals with other decorative objects, such as pendants covered with K gold or silver ornaments, or rope accessories with Chinese knots, because the salt particles stuck to the accessories cannot be completely cleared, and they will be corroded for a long time. Suddenly falling off the body is miserable.


4. Stream water purification method


Bring the crystal to clean streams without pollution. The crystal can be purified by the positive energy of nature. But be sure to use flowing stream water to purify it in the stream. Don't bring the stream water home to clean the crystals. It's meaningless. But be aware that crystals will love the energy of nature, so please hold your crystals tightly when cleaning the stream, or they may escape because they want to return to nature too much.


5. Living water cleaning method


Turn on your own faucet (the effect of using a water purifier is better), put the crystals in a small dish, rinse your own crystals for about ten minutes, and place them in the sun or a cool place to dry naturally after washing, which also has a purifying effect.



6. Land burial method


The earth burial method is one of the powerful methods. For example, if there are crystals worn by sick people in the family, it is recommended to use the earth bury method. After all, the crystal is bred from the earth. The purification effect of returning the crystal to the original place is The best, but you must remember to use uncontaminated land. Time is limited. It is recommended that more than one month is better. This method is risky, that is, you may forget where you are buried and cannot find it, or you may become attached to others, and you will feel distressed. Therefore, this method is generally used only for crystals whose energy is exhausted and cannot be recovered.



7. Mind power purification method (consecration)


If the crystal is blessed by a master or master, it can also achieve the effect of purification (it is better if you have a friend who has been practicing for a long time). If your own crystal is handed over to the master for purification and blessing, it is quite blessed. When I have time, I hold my beloved crystal and recite the Great Compassion Mantra or Heart Sutra. The effect is really amazing. Whether it’s the balance energy of the crystal or my own cultivation level, it’s the best choice, and one is quite good. The advantage is that the frequency of its crystal is completely unified with its own frequency.


8. How to spend incense in temples


When you go to the temple, you should bring the crystal to the temple for purification. It is recommended to be the most popular temple or the temple where you know your main god is the best. The crystal can feel the blessing of mana in it, the fragrance of smoke is faint, and it is full of good intentions and ideas. The entire space is also full of positive and positive magnetic fields. The method is to hold the crystal and incense in your hand while praying, and say your wish for blessing, and remember to say that the crystal in your hand can be blessed and blessed by the gods. After the worship, in the god's censer Above, three circles on the left and three circles on the right, then merge your palms to place the crystal in your palms, sincerely thank the gods for their protection and blessings, and the whole purification process is complete. This method is uniformly applicable to the gods worshipped at home and has the same effect.


9. Church blessing method (Christian consecration)


Because of different religions, different purification methods can also be used. In principle, as long as it is a religion you sincerely believe in, it basically has the effect of purifying and helping. Catholic and Christian friends can bring crystals to the church and let the powerful thoughts of God and the Lord help you to purify and pray for blessings. If you can, scoop some divine water to rinse your own crystals, which is also a great purifying power. Gospel chants or prayers have the same function.