Sea wheel

by XieMark on January 16, 2021


The sea chakra, located between the genitals and anus, and the tailbone of the spine.


Red hair crystal:

 Red hair crystal


Characteristics: Needle-shaped rutile, also known as copper crystal. Because of the weak uterus, Crystal likes to wear red hair crystals. Sure enough, during the natural disasters every month in the past two years, the disaster situation has decreased a lot and her complexion has become more ruddy!

Physiological function: It adjusts female hormones, corresponds to the sea chakra, helps the reproductive system, can treat women's diseases, relieve menstrual pain, harmonize qi and blood, and is also effective for women with menopausal hormonal imbalance. Therapeutic coldness, infertility, menopausal weakness, low blood pressure, dull skin, fragile and sensitive, etc. Regarding the male part, Crystal added that red and black light can also correspond to the sea chakra. It is also helpful for the male prostate, prostate, testicles and other related reproductive systems, bladder, and nervous system. It is said to increase the vitality of insects!

Psychological effect: It helps increase the source of strength and self-confidence, but also has a lot of energy and anger. If it is used excessively, it will be a threat to many people and a disturbance. But in the first round of balance, people are focused and dominated by themselves. They are healthy and active, have sufficient physical energy, and are gentle and kind in sex, trustworthy and sensitive, and can enjoy the pleasure of sex all over the body.





Characteristics: The color of red agate is delicate and fresh and amazing! When viewed through light, there will be obvious natural lines, which are very cute, and the skin will feel more white and tender after wearing. Scholars have regarded agate as the "third eye" in gemstones since ancient times, symbolizing friendly love and also representing hope.

Physiological function: The red agate can improve endocrine, strengthen blood circulation, make the complexion better, remove sexual obstacles, and avoid impotence and infertility. The orange red agate can affect the rectum and gastrointestinal Effectively, it can activate internal organs, prevent constipation, help expel toxins, and has a soothing effect on liver disease, rheumatism, neuralgia, and varicose veins.

Psychological function: For people who are currently negative and have no goals and motivation, it has the effect of stimulating their curiosity and action, allowing them to recognize their goals and catching up quickly, eliminating the enemy's malice and jealousy, and bringing about a peaceful new relationship. Strengthen creativity and creativity, and inspire in the creative process.





Characteristics: Generally speaking, the crystals of garnets are not large, so they are usually made into ring face or inlaid into small granites. Crystal has seen wine red, orange and rare green garnets. Burgundy garnets are more color than rubies. It’s deep, most of the market is matched with silver, which has a mysterious temperament, but like crystals, gems that are too small have a very small magnetic field and are of little use unless there are a lot of them together, which can be more effective.

Physiological function: red color reminds of blood. Garnet has a certain stimulating effect on blood circulation and hormone secretion. It is beneficial to the health of the reproductive system and related organs. It makes people lie down and put the garnet on the bottom of the tailbone of the back , Can feel its vibration slowly, corresponding to the sea chakra, can increase sexual performance and can purify the spleen by thinking about the activation of the spleen. It is said to be effective for arthritis, but if you are sensitive or unprepared for this practice It is best to avoid doing so to avoid harm. It is said that it can also prevent snake bites and food poisoning, just refer to it.

Psychological function: It can make people have irresistible charm, attract happiness and eternal love, increase self-confidence, fight against depression, help people face past traumatic memories, use another angle to interpret and understand, and achieve a peaceful and happy state. It can also increase people's inspiration when thinking, avoid evil and transform evil, and become a body stone that is not violated by external forces.