Seventh round: the top round

by XieMark on January 24, 2021




The crown chakra is located at the top of the head.


Characteristics: Amethyst forms a beautiful purple color due to iron-containing minerals, usually with natural ice cracks or white clouds contained in it. Generally, Brazilians are mostly mountain-shaped, one section and two become the amethyst hole in people’s mouth , But most of the amethyst produced in Uruguay is massive, the color is darker and purple, and the particles are also smaller. Its magnetic field energy has no absolute relationship with the color. However, because most people think that dark purple is more beautiful, the colors on the market The price of purple amethyst is also higher.

Produced from impulse deposits or geodes, the world’s largest amethyst producing amethyst is located in Brazil. Viewed from different angles, it is bidirectional, with blue or red purple hues, special connotations and whiteness. Moiré looks like feathers or stripes, and often produces rainbow refraction. Some natural phenomena such as geothermal fade into citrine, and the junction is also called ametrine.

In addition to ordinary crystal balls, crystal pillars, hand beads, and maids, the representative crystal products of amethyst, there are also amethyst holes that many people like and common. The amethyst caves of different sizes and shimmering amethyst clusters often attract the attention of many people. The most primitive form of mining amethyst caves is a ball-like raw ore, which is divided into two. The common amethyst caves on the market are said to be divided into yin and yang on both sides of the cave. When you dip into the cave with your hands, sensitive people can feel the warm magnetic energy on one side and the cool magnetic energy on the other. If you can collect a whole pair of amethyst caves, you are very lucky, because they have been dismantled and sold separately as early as the place of production. Amethyst Cave is said to have the function of gathering gas and transforming evil spirits and attracting wealth and treasures, so it is widely used as a feng shui stone to improve the Feng Shui of the Yang House. Amethyst holes have different sizes and shapes, and each has its own characteristics. If classified by the five elements, it can be divided into:

  • Gold type-triangular shape, like an ancient bell, wide at the bottom and narrow at the top.
  • Wood type—It has a long, slender, rectangular shape, like a tree trunk.
  • Water type-the bottom is stable, the top is irregular waves, the rarest.
  • Fire type-a triangle shaped slightly like a gold type with a wide bottom and a narrow top, but the tip is sharper than the golden type, and has a flame-like shape.
  • Soil-type soil-type-square, steady and thick, also known as bag-shaped square, steady and thick, also known as bag-shaped.

It is said that in a room, if five kinds of amethyst caves belonging to metal, wood, water, fire, and soil can be properly placed, fire-born soil, native gold, gold-born water, and aquatic wood can be stripped of sentiment. Then you can become a continuum of success, the pulse of the true dragon, the future generations are boundless, and the children and grandchildren of the family will be the champion!

Physiological effect: different shades of purple light can correspond to the brow chakra and crown chakra. It is said to strengthen memory and attention, help test luck, improve brain disease and aging, and relieve symptoms such as headaches and migraines. .

Psychological effect: Amethyst has always been famous for being able to develop the third eye between the eyebrows because it corresponds to the eyebrow chakra and the crown chakra. It can stimulate the brain and stimulate creativity, thus increasing people's confidence and interacting and getting along with men and women. And the wearer's own emotions have a stabilizing effect, so it can restrain the impulse and achieve the purpose of keeping money and keeping fortune.


Shu Julai Stone:

Characteristics: Different levels of beautiful purple, coupled with different shades, give Shu Julai stone a mysterious and glamorous color. The wave shape of the sterling silver frame is very rough and the magnetic field energy is stronger! The color of the texture will change with the temperature!

Physiological effects: The energy from top to bottom can balance the secretion of the pineal gland and the pituitary gland. It is said to improve children's autism, dysphasia and epilepsy. Corresponding to the eyebrows, it also has a soothing effect on migraine.

Psychological effect: There is another name for the "third eye", which is especially suitable for people with high spirituality, so you can learn your own talents and find healthy ways to help others through visualization, which can comfort depression and despair effect.