Sixth chakra: Eyebrow chakra

by XieMark on January 21, 2021


The brow chakra, located in the center between the eyebrows

Purple Chalcedony:

Characteristics: The color of chalcedony is different due to the non-copper minerals. Among them, there are variants of microcrystalline quartz chalcedony, such as the onyx with linear interlayer, cornelian with iron oxide and translucent orange-red, reddish brown Varieties of carnelian, as well as moss agate and branch agate that contain twigs or seaweed-shaped substances, and green apple green chalcedony are also very popular! Ancient scholars often referred to agate and chalcedony as the "third eye" It is said that it can resonate with the passing wave frequency, strengthen the power of atoms, and make electrons work. Therefore, for those who love astrology and study spiritualism, it is a catalyst to enhance their ability to see the spiritual world. This shows that Why do so-called dzi beads like to use agate or chalcedony as their original material? The faint pink purple chalcedony is rare. It is uncomfortable to see it. The romantic translucent purple chalcedony is a gemstone that has only appeared on the market in recent years. The different shades of purple are very different. Pleasant and rare, its function is somewhat similar to amethyst, because it also emits purple light.

Physiological effects-It is said that chalcedony can reduce eye problems. It is also helpful for gallbladder, liver, bladder, bones and blood circulation system. It also has the effect of reducing pain and promoting breastfeeding of pregnant women. The ancient Romans believed that wearing chalcedony could ward off evil spirits, and if exposed to ultraviolet UV light or indigo light for about 30 minutes, the energy of chalcedony could be much enhanced.

Psychological function: Chalcedony is a representative of the moon and is closely related to water. Therefore, it is said to prevent drowning and accidents, avoid the intrusion of witchcraft, and is also a good amulet for people who often travel outside. It is safe and avoids some negative energies. It also has the effect of avoiding evil and transforming evil spirits for children. The blue and purple chalcedony corresponds to the brow chakra, which can increase spirituality and the ability to predict the future.


Purple Dragon Crystal:

Features: elegant and graceful deep purple, special white spiral ribbon, mixed with dark green, with a royal-like mysterious aristocratic style!

Physiological function: Corresponding to the brow chakra and crown chakra, it is used to get close to the third eye and forehead, so that people can develop predictive ability.

Psychological function: Because of the purple light, it has the same function as amethyst. Putting it on a desk or desk can stimulate brain power, strengthen concentration, help reading and exams, and complete various creative projects. It can resolve rigid and rigid values ​​and transform them into a gentle and flexible attitude.



Characteristics: Formed around hydrothermal veins or hot springs, it can co-exist with a variety of minerals, such as: crystal, calcite, pyrite, dolomite, etc. There are purple, green, colorless, white, yellow, pink, blue, red and black colors, with white stripes, ranging from translucent to opaque, distributed into color bands or color blocks, and a complete eight-sided understanding will be formed after disconnection , And will fluoresce under ultraviolet light.

Physiological function: Corresponding to the sixth chakra-the eyebrow chakra, located in the third eye zone between the two eyebrows, the corresponding color is purple blue (the combination of red and blue, as anyone who has played with watercolor knows, The red represents warmth. The third eye is the center of mental power and higher intuition. Through the power of the brow chakra, it can receive and guide, and then conduct awareness to the higher self (Higher Self), allowing people to experience the telepathy , Wandering Taixu and cognition of past lives. It can help the body's aura to degauss and purify (not only crystals need to be purified!), remove bad impurities, and clean and balance the chakras.

Psychological function: It can avoid unnecessary harassment in various occasions (such as sexual harassment in the workplace). The octahedron of fluorite has six tips, which happens to represent the sixth round. The cutting edge can create prominent focus and quick thinking. When the thoughts are confused and there is no clue, holding the fluorite to meditate can help the mind to clarify. When you are in a bad mood, put a fluorite on the second round (manipulator) or third round (sun wheel) to boost your spirits and calm your emotions. Holding fluorite in your hand during meditation can stabilize your mind and coordinate your spirituality. People who are prone to nervousness can use fluorite. Placing fluorite between the thighs or beside the solar plexus can make people more flexible, confident, calm and organized. Using it when driving can also increase alertness.



Characteristics: Also known as soda stone, it is the main content of lapis lazuli. The common one is sodalite. The mottled pattern is like antique porcelain in blue and white, which is very special.

Physiological function: Corresponding to the brow chakra, can improve spirituality and increase insight. It can treat sore throat, improve vision, relieve headaches, high blood pressure and other diseases.

Psychological effect: Wearing sodalite helps to stabilize the mood and also protects against evil spirits. It is especially effective for people who are not easy to concentrate on studying and lack creativity in work.