Summary of Crystal Efficacy

by XieMark on April 30, 2021
White crystal: It has the function of focusing, concentrating, and expanding memory. It is a synthesis of all energy and is called the king of crystals. It can protect the house, ward off evil spirits, block evil spirits, purify the whole body, remove sickness, and bring luck.

Amethyst: Develop intelligence, stabilize emotions, improve intuition, help thinking, concentrate thoughts, increase memory ability, improve interpersonal relationships, and give people courage and strength. The love that represents Gao Jie's steadfastness is often used as a love stone for couples. It also represents the "guardian stone of love" in Western countries, able to recognize the deep love, chastity, honesty and courage between couples and husbands and wives.

Amethyst: It symbolizes intelligence and wealth. In other words, it is the dual effect of purple amethyst and citrine; it can also strengthen the sixth sense. It has the effect of dissolving the villain. It has the function of blending two extreme energies. It is most suitable for partnership business, parent-child communication, executive subordinates, couples, and the communication gem between husband and wife.

Zilongjing: Master intelligence, bring inspiration, creativity, teach people to be open-minded, and strengthen the appreciation of beauty.

Citrine: It is a sensible body, enhances personal self-confidence, gathers wealth, focuses on wealth, and often brings unexpected wealth to people. It is a wealth crystal. It helps to calm down the mood and emotions, and teach people the practical methods of step-by-step. Strengthen the liver, intestines, stomach and digestive organs, especially treat stomach cold.

Phantom Crystal: It is also called "Ghost of Fortune" because its color is very similar to that of US dollars, and it has the ability to attract wealth after changing its name. Therefore, it can become a pet of merchants, which can help improve thinking ability, open the mind, and have tricks. It has an adjuvant therapeutic effect on the heart, lungs, immune system, thymus, lymph glands, blood pressure, high blood pressure, and dyspnea.

Titanium crystal: Titanium crystal is also the most powerful in the hair crystal group, often symbolizing great auspiciousness, wealth, and blessings like gods and Buddhas. Generally, titanium crystals have six main energies: main wealth, partial wealth, popularity, avoiding evil, health, and preventing villains. (Note: Those who are weaker or have a weak aura, it is recommended not to imitate)

Fajing: It has strong energy, can strengthen the momentum, bring people active and vigorous ambition, impulse, courage, strengthen one's confidence and decisiveness, can bring people courage, can help others project authority energy, and help For the implementation and execution of leaders' orders. Invites the main wealth, partial wealth; it can remove the qi, which is helpful to the muscles and the nervous system.

Hongfajing: Invites the main wealth, partial wealth; can strengthen vitality, self-confidence, and health. Adjust female hormones, help treat women's diseases, treat weakness, low blood pressure, dull skin, fragile and sensitive, etc. It relieves menstrual pain, harmonizes qi and blood, and is also effective in treating hormonal disorders.

Lvfajing: (Jili Fajing) Promotes wealth fortune, increases career luck, makes work prosperous, promotes health, and improves people's fortune.

Rhubarb: Possessing the strongest energy, it is a lucky crystal, which can promote health, eliminate disasters, strengthen wealth, block evil, and give people a positive and vigorous ambition, impulse, and courage.

Preliminary crystals: strengthen self-confidence, can avoid evil, cure diseases, and improve luck.

Pink Crystal: A gem that can develop the heart chakra to promote emotional development, and can help pursue love, grasp love, and enjoy love. It is the best weapon in the service industry to help improve interpersonal relationships, increase popularity, and attract business opportunities. It can help to go deep into the heart and discover self-improvement.

Citrine: Promote the development of regeneration ability, restore wound healing, enhance immunity, activate cells, restore youth, and have the effect of rejuvenating. It can help business analysis and mastery, and help improve taste. In particular, it absorbs turbid qi and has the best anti-evil effect. Strengthening the sea chakra, so it has a significant enhancement effect on the sexual function of men; for women, it can also mediate blood gas, and has a function of strengthening the curative effect on women's diseases.

Love stays motivated, always in love and happiness. It can improve the love of both parties and promote the lover's lasting unity. Improve skin radiance and eliminate emotions. Unstable.

Purple Chalcedony: It refreshes the mind and mood, is always bright and moving, inspires deep inner beauty, enhances personal temperament, helps to establish harmonious, harmonious and complete interpersonal relationships, and highlights the moving beauty.

Blue Chalcedony: There is a corresponding throat chakra, which can increase self-expression and communication and coordination ability, avoid repeated energy damage, and has the effect of warding off evil and transforming evil spirits. Helps the health of the larynx and enhances the immunity of the respiratory tract.

Shining Diamond: To make wishes come true, commonly known as "Lucky Stone". Enhance personal aura, promote energy flow, increase self-protection, and benefit the skin. At the same time, it can also improve the effects of other crystals.

Tobes: It helps to enhance the ability of expression and persuasiveness, enhance personal confidence, and make people calm things. It can improve the diseases of the respiratory tract and trachea, calm down and regulate the function of lymph glands.

Sunstone: A career that can become the focus of everyone, strengthen cohesion, and help interpersonal relationships and work. Distribute powerful life energy, improve health and enhance vitality. It can drive away dark thoughts and pessimism, bring correct and positive ideas and bright prospects.

White crystal cluster: The column radiates in all directions to prevent evil from blocking the evil, and the energy can be replenished at any time. It has the function of automatic charging and automatic negative energy. The crystal cluster is an energy-purifying and portable crystal gemstone, which is more radiation-proof. The financial position in the company or at home must be prosperous and prosperous.

Putting it in the family's financial position can prevent evil and evil spirits and condense wealth.

Green Aventurine: Open the heart knot, soothe uneasy emotions and help open intelligence and true love. Qinglong can recruit nobles. It is also the master of wealth, which can resolve anxiety and bring positive thought energy. It is a lucky stone for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, adventurers, and pioneers.

Red Rabbit Hair: Also known as Venus Crystal, it radiates warm feminine temperament, showing self-confidence and positive action in gentleness. It can adjust women's physiology, soothe emotions, beautify the skin, and promote blood circulation and endocrine.

Peridot: It can help relieve tension and make people feel refreshed. It can also sleep peacefully and make it more harmonious with the outside world. Green energy fusion gathers wealth. It can be used as a talisman to ward off evil and prevent evil, which is beneficial to the improvement of liver disease.

Obsidian: (Red Obsidian) has strong energy, can avoid evil, town house, can eliminate sickness, turbidity, moldy, and bring people a healthy, happy, and normal life. It has the reputation of "Black Diamond Warrior".

Garnet: can make people have irresistible charm, attract happiness and eternal love, increase self-confidence, fight against depression, can strengthen vitality, vitality and endurance, benefit the health of the reproductive system and related organs; promote regeneration and blood circulation, have It can improve skin problems and prevent wounds from healing. Increase people's inspiration when thinking, avoid evil and evil, and become a body stone that is not violated by external forces.

Agate: It is one of the most curative gems (such as: digestive system, stomachache), can balance positive and negative energy, eliminate mental tension and stress. Maintains harmony between body and mind, enhances love, loyalty, and courage, promotes prosperity, happiness and longevity, and has the effect of ensuring safety. Can play the power of a king, make it easy to reach an agreement, fame and gain, and have the effect of avoiding evil and attracting wealth. A gemstone that can inspire courage, bring confidence and make people brave; do things consistently, and be able to adhere to principles; or strengthen the vitality of the body, suitable for people who are frail, sick, or who have just recovered.

Tourmaline (tourmaline): Also known as wish stone, it has great synergy to help wish fulfillment and improve interpersonal relationships. Red and green tourmalines also gather wealth to help the development of the business. It is a healthy spar that helps blood circulation and joint problems.

Red tourmaline: can attract friendship and love. Stimulate compassion, compassion, with fiery affinity, and enhance the friendship between people.

Black tourmaline: can absorb and eliminate negative energy, enhance human vitality, physical strength, and overall vitality. It is a representative gem of health and longevity.

Establish self-evaluation and cultivate noble sentiments. Delicate, cute, and very rare. It can improve skin, beauty, perfect love, family, social life, etc. It can help calm emotions and filter negative energy.

Moon Stone: Also known as "Lover's Stone", it can change people's eating habits and achieve the effect of weight loss. It can help people fall asleep peacefully, improve the skin and have cosmetic effects. It is a kind of love stone. Help attract the opposite sex. Enhancing the understanding between the couple and making the relationship more harmonious, happy and joyful.

Ban Caishi: A multifunctional gemstone with love, career, wealth and health.

Crocodile crystal: also known as backbone crystal, with special color and structure, it helps to eliminate diseases, promote health, increase physical strength, and because of its low price and good quality, it is widely loved by medical staff, qigong circles and monks.

The main hole wheel, beautifies the sound quality, eliminates disputes, attracts love, and helps to forgive the mistakes of others.

Fluorite: also known as rainbow crystal, all colors have the same function, can remove the body's evil spirits, clean the whole body's magnetic field, and prevent others from sickness, mildew or deliberate contact, seduce and sexual harassment.

Calcite: It can dissolve the negative energy of suspicious jealousy reports, and absorb the strange smell in the air. It is suitable to be placed in the bathroom, warehouse, car or in a hidden and unventilated place.

Czech meteorite: It can eliminate depression, help transition the midrib, gather wealth, avoid evil, and is a gem of happiness that brings good luck.

Thailand Meteorite: Corresponding to the submarine chakra, it can activate the fire, bring out the spiritual power of life, drive out diseases, avoid evil spirits, and enhance the stability of meditation. It is the best friend of practitioners.

Nickel-iron meteorite: the sky iron, with powerful energy, can be used to ward off evil spirits, town houses, and good fortune. It is also an excellent magic weapon in practice and a patron saint to protect all kind souls.

Pyrite: It can enhance memory, improve forgetfulness, frustration and other problems, and cause extensive memorization, recitation, and examination. It is a great supplement to the mind and body of the students.

Chalcopyrite: It can strengthen the mental body, invigorate the stomach and intestines. The strong energy can help to remove rheumatism, evil cold, and improve the pain of the hand, foot and joints.

Lapis Lazuli: Corresponding to the third eye, it can open the window of the soul, strengthen insight and see through the inner instinct of objects, help clear the mind, bring inspiration, and help creators "create out of nothing" "invention gems". It also has the effect of calming down, reducing impulse, and cooling enthusiasm.

Water gallbladder crystal: including watered agate, with water characteristics, makes people smart, flexible, knows how to advance and retreat, teaches people to dance with long sleeves, and is exquisite. It can also increase the enjoyment of fishing and water between couples and lovers.

Aquamarine: It can improve the problems of the respiratory system, strengthen the ability of expression, persuasion, and planning, and also protect the safety of travelers. Containing the four elements of earth, water, fire, and wind, it has powerful healing, purifying, and spiritual powers, and is the most effective crystal.

Emerald: the main heart chakra, a symbol of wealth, can eliminate fatigue in the eyes and liver, with abundance, abundance, and good luck energy.

Bloodstone: Brings positive force in life, boosts morale, inspires people, and promotes explosive power during exercise; can gather wealth; can protect the safety of mothers, fetuses and all kinds of newborn lives.

Australian jade (green chalcedony): a happy gemstone, it teaches people to be novel, interested, easy to teach new friends, can gather wealth, and help to create new careers.
Topaz: It can bring vitality and optimism; it can prevent fires and accidents. It can attract love to approach, can cure stomach cold and indigestion gastrointestinal problems, and can also help lose weight. Can strengthen analysis and reasoning ability, increase intelligence, sensitivity and reaction.

Desert Rose: With aesthetic feelings, strengthen the appreciation of beauty, promote association and imagination, it is beneficial to art creators, and it is also a gift for juvenile men and women to watch each other and convey love.

Cui Copper Mine: It can dispel myths in the mind, resolve doubts and distrust, broaden the mind, broaden good relationships, and bring all kinds of good luck.

Pure Stone: It can inspire inspiration, imagination, and bring breakthrough, leap-forward thoughts and concepts. It is a gem for professionals and geniuses. . A must for merchants to attract customers.

Honey wax: calms the nerves, eliminates negative emotions, and has a huge function of inhaling sickness.

Turquoise stone: Holy stone, can gather wealth, cure illness, avoid evil, prevent accidents, improve mental and physical health, it is a lucky stone recognized by the world.

Shu Julai Stone: It can improve spirituality, strengthen compassion, develop intelligence, help people achieve balance and coordination in body, mind, and spirit, and contribute to personal spiritual evolution.

Cordierite: Has a strong ability to attract money, help improve spirituality and keep the mind clear, and even help balance the body