The crystal that can bring you lucky and make you energetic

by Mark Xie on September 06, 2020

Each colour has something special; red represents passion, white is associated with purity, green is connected with nature’s energy and yellow is seen as a symbol of joy. When you see a crystal, it is impossible not to connect relate its color to feelings of joy, love or vitality. The energy of crystals also arises comes from their color.

On this occasion, we will focus our attention on the yellow crystals. They are formed deep inside the heart of the earth and bring joy to the depths of our spirits.

The golden pyrite

When you see a pyrite for the first time, you feel immediately drawn attracted to two things; its golden colour and its name. The name pyrite derives from the Greek “pyros”, which means “fire”, because of its ability to emit sparks when it hits other metals.

Pyrite is one of the most abundant minerals in the earth’s crust and is highly prized by crystal collectors for its resemblance to gold. Beyond its appearance, pyrite is a very powerful protective stone, which shields against all forms of negative vibrations.

The pyrite is ideal for you if you are looking for spiritual growth. It stimulates emotional balance and frees you from anxiety and depression. Likewise, if you have economic problems, the vibrations of the pyrite make it easy for its carrier to attract money and fortune.

Yellow jasper

Jasper is a microcrystalline variety of quartz (chalcedony) that contains inclusions of other materials, such as hematite and goethite, which give it opacity and color. Yellow jasper is related to the sun and the Leo zodiac sign.

A jasper stone in your life will give you the positive energy needed to undertake new projects, also protect during spiritual work and physical travel, as it absorbs negative energy, cleans the aura and unblocks the chakras.

If you continuously use yellow jasper, you will have a healthy self-esteem and your joy will attract other people.

Tiger eye

This eye-catching crystal has beautiful golden-yellow bands across it. The tiger eye is a powerful stone that helps you release fear and anxiety, and allows you to achieve harmony and balance.

The tiger eye, in its darkest colors, helps you connect with your deepest inner self, while in light colors it helps you feel and better digest the changes in everything around you.

These crystals, also known as dandelion stones, protect from negativity and allow you to recognize the connection with other people established in the past. It also helps to give us a deeper vision to recognize what suits us and what does not.

Citrine quartz

The citrine quartz is a very positive crystal, brings hope, joy, prosperity and desire to live. Its energy is such that it is compared with the sun and its energy, pushing away negative thoughts and raising self-esteem and optimism. This yellow quartz will attract to your life positive energies, peace and tranquility.

The citrine quartz is related to the third chakra, the solar plexus, which is the center of the life force of our physical body and the vitality of our subtle bodies. In addition, this crystal will remove fear, anxiety and depression.

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Have a life of balance and strength with a yellow crystal!