The efficacy and function of sun stone

by XieMark on January 03, 2021
When irradiated by light, it reflects the bright golden light. It is a longer stone containing very evenly distributed scale-like specular iron ore fine inclusions. It looks like the sun's rays. There are many neatly arranged and brightly colored flakes inside. Mineral inclusions. The dazzling golden light that reflects the light is called the placer gold effect, so it is also known as the "place gold stone", which is golden or grayish red flashing. It is a more precious handicraft and jewelry material. The hardness is between 6 and 6.5, with glassy luster, which is mainly produced in alkaline rock, acid rock and corresponding pegmatite; generally translucent dark orange, golden, golden brown Vidot, occasionally visible colorless and transparent By. The best color is bright and passionate, translucent, and the inclusions have strong glitter, and the one with high clarity and strong transparency is the rarest.

The role of sun stone:
1. Sunstone is a very rare gemstone with a beautiful cat's eye effect. It corresponds to the sun wheel and also corresponds to the navel chakra. It has the function of repurifying and adjusting the body's discomfort after overeating, and it can bring it to the body. The feeling of warmth can also improve cold symptoms and asthma and bronchitis. It can also use its own energy to strengthen joints and bones, soothe and calm the metabolic nervous system.

  2. The natural sun stone has a warm color like jade, a tender orange color and youthful vitality, exudes a dazzling light in the sun, and is very fashionable and generous to wear. Natural sun stone has powerful energy, which can effectively enhance people's own affinity. It corresponds to the solar energy center. Regular wearing can help people inspire unlimited inspiration. It has strong positive energy and can effectively prevent villains and witchcraft from attacking. It is powerful The effect of warding off evil spirits is a lucky gem and amulet that can protect people.

  3. Natural sunstone has a strong positive magnetic field, pure and strong. Often wearing a natural sunstone bracelet can also purify the blue melancholy in the body and make people happier and happy life.

  4. Office workers and students who wear it can understand self-discipline, help the wearer eliminate and relieve stress, and help people achieve their goals. It can also improve concentration and concentration, so that people always keep their minds flexible.

   5. Wearing a sun stone can make people become the focus of everyone, strengthen cohesion, and help interpersonal relationships and work. Distribute powerful life energy, improve health and enhance vitality. It can drive away dark thoughts and pessimism, bring correct positive ideas and bright prospects.

Which hand should the sun stone wear? Left hand or right hand?

In general, the human body responds to the magnetic field from left to (yin) and right to (yang), so it depends on the situation, according to the direction you need to load, such as sunstone, titanium crystal, topaz, green ghost, etc. For money, it is recommended to wear it on the left hand, such as citrine, white crystal....... and other crystals that can help emit negative magnetic fields, it is recommended to wear it on the right hand.

So the sun stone is best worn on the left hand!

Sunstone is not suitable for anyone to wear?

The sun stone is suitable for all humans who yearn for the light. Of course, the negative and dark psychology is not appropriate, but the sun stone will help you purify the negative energy. If these people with gloomy mind yearn for the light, the sun stone will also help you.

The sun stone is also a spar with the most righteous energy. It has the positive and powerful energy like the sun, which can remove all unclean things, and play the role of warding off evil and blocking evil. Turn things with negative energy into positive energy.

What are the taboos to wear Sun Stone?

1. Avoid collision, drop or squeeze, and avoid high temperature.

2. Try not to touch cosmetics, perfumes, acid-base substances and sulfides, please take them off when washing.

3. Please clean up and store it in a softer package when not wearing it.

4. Sunstone is easily decolorized into white when exposed to high temperature. Avoid sunlight exposure as much as possible during purification.

In addition, the attribute of the sun stone is gold, and friends who lack gold in the five elements will replenish good gold luck if worn. In the hexagrams of gossip, the stem that represents the positive pole of the sun is also the meaning of happiness for wealth, so when it comes to the application of the sun stone in the five elements and feng shui, it is definitely a good tool for life.

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