The efficacy and role of citrine

by XieMark on January 09, 2021


The yellow color of citrine is a traditional Chinese noble color, which means wealth and good fortune. Gentle yellow light can make the wearer feel harmonious and tranquil, full of confidence and joy, so citrine has a good calming and stable effect on people who are more sensitive.


The efficacy and role of citrine



Citrine is a kind of mild crystal, and the energy it emits can make people confident, happy and peaceful. The vibration frequency of the magnetic field of citrine is in the solar plexus, which belongs to the rational body. Wearing citrine for a long time can also make the human body calm, which has a good stabilizing effect on more neurotic people.




Citrine is also known as the stone of wealth. The yellow light emitted by the citrine can enhance wealth. It is recommended to wear the yellow crystal of the sphere, because the sphere has a cohesive effect. Citrine corresponds to the sun wheel of the human body, and its magnetic field can promote the digestion of the human body.




Citrine must be degaussed after wearing it for a period of time, because once the negative energy of the citrine magnetic field is absorbed too much, it will have no effect when worn. It is best to eat less cold food when wearing citrine, because this kind of food can change the flow of qi and blood, which will affect the effect of citrine for luck.