The efficacy and role of various color crystals

by XieMark on January 11, 2021

The appearance of white crystal is pure and flawless, it can relax the wearer's brain visually, and help relieve stress and emotions. Wearing amethyst on the body can add noble and elegant temperament to oneself, citrine can show status and wealth, pink crystal can be given to the opposite sex as a token of love, and green crystal can add youthful and lovely temperament to oneself.

White crystal



White crystal is a relatively common crystal. The appearance of this crystal gives people a sense of purity and flawlessness. When the white crystal is worn on the body, it can visually relax the wearer’s brain and help relieve the wearer’s stress. And emotions.




The color of amethyst is noble, elegant and charming. For female friends, wearing amethyst material on the body can add a noble and elegant temperament, which has a better decorative effect.




Citrine is known as the "wealth crystal". It can show a golden color. In traditional Chinese culture, golden yellow is a color that symbolizes wealth and power. Therefore, many people wear citrine to show their status and wealth.

Powder crystal



Pink crystal is often referred to as "love crystal". The color of this crystal gives people the feeling of youth and romance. Therefore, many young men also give pink crystal jewelry as a token of love to their lovers.

Green crystal



Green crystal can present a very fresh and elegant green, and green is a color that symbolizes vitality and vitality. When female friends wear green crystal accessories, they can add youthful and lovely temperament to themselves.