The meaning and function of crystal-strawberry crystal

by XieMark on December 30, 2020
1. Emotional transmission

Strawberry lens can be aimed at the transmitter of love. Its special magnetic field will record your emotional frequency and emotional information, and then it will be transmitted to people with similar frequencies, so that TA can arouse your emotional existence, attract peach blossom luck, and enhance love Fortune, sending strawberry crystals between couples can also bring sweeter feelings

2. Increase love fortune

Strawberry crystal can increase peach blossom luck and love fortune. Its powerful energy can affect your magnetic field, making you more confident and more attractive, so that it can attract more people's attention. When you bring it, At a moment, you are one step closer to getting off the list

3. Good for mental health

Strawberry crystal corresponds to the heart chakra, which is very helpful to human health. It can make people more humble, make people's communication more smooth and pleasant, salesmen can improve performance, and it can also help people resolve Heart knot, since then became more cheerful

4. Make people proactive

Strawberry Crystal makes people become more and more active. Its energy can affect the human magnetic field, change your lazy side, make you become more active and bid farewell to the lazy state of the past.

What are the effects and functions of strawberry crystals? Taboo of strawberry crystal bracelet

Strawberry crystals need attention
1. Selection of strawberry crystals

Good strawberry crystals are ruddy in color, have less internal impurities, and the strawberry seeds are polycrystalline. The prices are generally not too cheap. They are "good quality and cheap" and are suitable for strawberry crystals, so pay attention when buying strawberry crystals. Here are a few; natural strawberry crystals are more or less flawed. If you want high-quality strawberry crystal products, you must spend a lot of manpower and time costs. Therefore, it is also destined that strawberry crystals cannot be mass-produced, and they cannot be large-scale Brands, high-quality strawberry crystals are often concentrated on some niche high-quality brands. Sometimes twilight crystals and topgirl crystals are good representatives among them. The natural color of the crystal is good, and there are few flaws in processing. It is more recommended, of course, like a big The sales of Tokai family, Qinbao crystal, etc. are also good. There are many types of crystals, but due to the large sales volume, the quality control is slightly lacking.

2. Strawberry crystal should be degaussed and purified

Strawberry crystals must be demagnetized, whether they are newly bought or worn, the newly bought strawberry crystals have experienced many people's contact before they reach your hands. In this process, strawberry crystals will passively absorb some bad energy consumption , So at this time you need to degauss and purify before stacking; and the strawberry crystals that have been aligned are the same. It is best to degauss once a week before and after, because strawberry crystals will absorb bad energy around you on weekdays. It is always full like a trash can, so it is necessary to degauss regularly. The general degaussing method is to put strawberry crystals on the degaussing stone or crystal cluster.

What are the effects and functions of strawberry crystals? Taboo of strawberry crystal bracelet
3. Don't be casual when sleeping

Strawberry crystal absorbs a lot of negative energy from the owner during the day, it needs time to purify, and when people sleep, the nerve defense will be reduced. If this time can also absorb the strawberry crystal bracelet that has absorbed a lot of negative energy, Then the negative energy it absorbs in turn affects the owner, and it will be very harmful to the body if it does this for a long time.

4. Strawberry crystals should be worn on the left hand

There has been a saying in China since ancient times: Left in and right out, the same is true for complication crystals. If worn on the left hand, the left hand will absorb the pure energy of the crystal itself, while the right hand can release different energy. Although it does not mean that the right hand must not be worn, but if it is worn on the left hand, the effect will really be better than the right hand.

5. Strawberry crystal matching should be selected

We can aim at several different crystals with one hand. This will not have any effect. The combination mentioned here is from the perspective of magnetic field energy, just like if a person with poor physical condition wears obsidian with tiger's eye. , But it is not suitable for matching with titanium crystals with huge energy, because their energies will conflict, which may disturb the interfering magnetic field, so if you want to match other crystals when aiming at strawberry crystals, you must look at them is it suitable