The meaning of crystal

by XieMark on January 13, 2021

The meaning of different color crystals


Colorless crystal: represents purity and selflessness. Can improve


Reiki, expel distracting thoughts.


Purple crystal: represents romance and marriage. The color is noble.


Yellow crystal: represents wealth and good fortune.


Tawny crystal: stands for stability and stability.


Green crystal: represents justice and development.


Green Phantom Crystal: It represents a positive financial path and a prosperous career.


White ghost crystal: represents purity, for spiritual cultivation.


Red ghost crystal: represents a prosperous career and prosperity.


Jinfa Jing: The most beautiful and the supreme.


Red hair crystal: warm and lively.


Huang Fajing: Prosperous and prosperous.


Black hair crystal: partial wealth, relief.


Lvfajing: happiness, good luck.


Silver hair crystal: prosperous material, warding off evil spirits.


Pyramid crystal: gather energy, seek good fortune and avoid evil.


Water gallbladder crystal: magical and supernatural.


Scenery crystal: a miniature of nature, a window to communicate between man and nature.



The meaning of crystals of different shapes


Crystal ball: responsive to requests. Used for meditation, prediction, and a symbol of magical power. The crystal ball represents completeness, mellowness, and mellowness, and it helps to achieve the fulfillment of wishes.


Hexagonal column shape: represents stability and safety. The hexagon is said to be the most stable shape in nature.


Seven-star array: equilateral triangle, the size and length are combined with seven, that is, seven inches or seven work points on each side, overlapping up and down, placing a crystal column or ball at each corner, and placing a slightly larger center stone in the middle, and it is ready Seven stars array, daily visualize the seven stars forming a good energy field. Different crystals are used in different ways. The white seven-star array can alleviate disasters and purify the body; the green seven-star array contributes to the smooth success of the business; the Furong array brings love; the citrine increases the chance of windfall; the amethyst array helps develop wisdom, stimulate creativity, and so on. You can also use white, yellow, green, purple, black, hair and pink crystal balls to form a colorful array to pray for.


Cornucopia: a round agate ball, cut open, the middle is actually empty, forming a spherical basin, inside is covered with small crystals, such as autumn frost, like winter snow, shining charming brilliance under the light, plus agate It's colorful, it's not an exaggeration to call it a cornucopia. It can be described as magical. The cornucopia is also called the dragon's cave. In this relatively closed cave, crystals are generated, reflected, acted and oscillated, forming an excellent cornucopia of air. Putting your own treasures or wishes in it, plus visualization and prayer, will have a multiplier effect on the fulfillment of the wishes.