The role and efficacy of obsidian

by XieMark on January 05, 2021
Obsidian has the effect of enhancing sleep and improving physical fitness. It can also relieve people's pressure, calm people's hearts, eliminate emotional distress, and make people more stable. Obsidian has been a gemstone used to carve mascots since ancient times, so obsidian is also a symbol of peace and good fortune.

Absorb negative energy

Obsidian is the gem with the strongest energy absorption in crystals. If it is placed next to electronic products, it can absorb radiation. In addition, obsidian has the effect of absorbing and purifying negative energy around the human body, thus avoiding bad things from happening.

 Promote human health

Obsidian contains a lot of trace elements, and these elements are very pure, after being absorbed by the human body, it can play a role in promoting the circulation of the endocrine system. Obsidian can also emit positive energy, which can increase the wearer's confidence and charm.

Reduce fatigue

Obsidian corresponds to the bottom chakra of the human body. Putting obsidian under the pillow during sleep can reduce fatigue and promote sleep. Note that obsidian should be demagnetized regularly, otherwise the negative energy inside the obsidian may be released to the human body after it is full.