The Seven Chakras and their meanings

by Mark Xie on September 07, 2020

Today, many people relate the term “esotericism” to witchcraft, Satanism or black magic. However, this couldn’t be further away from the truth; esoteric knowledge is not inherently negative. Esotericism simply means information known or understood only by very few people who do not conform to the status quo. Actually, esotericism is all about self-empowerment, knowledge and freedom! This is exactly why esoteric knowledge has been oppressed and often perceived as a threat to the ruling establishments.

Historically, this secret knowledge was only transmitted from teacher to  student because the topics tended to be of very sensitive nature and the general public was not always ready to embrace them. These teachings cover everything that logical, or linear thinking cannot explain but were immediately discarded. Some of these “controversial topics” would be things like spirituality, the law of attraction, the after life, the power of the mind, the aura, the qi, horoscopes, the chakras, reincarnation, divine intelligence, sacred geometry, symbolism, astral travel, the eye of Horus, hypnosis, meditation, shamanism, self-healing, miracles and much more.

During the Age of Enlightenment, which took place from the 16th to 18th century, mankind adopted the current thought process whose basis was constituted by “reason” and the “scientific method” instilled by Darwin and René Descartes. Anything that lacked a “logical-scientific” explanation and didn’t agree with their teaching, was immediately described as charlatanism. In other words, if “science” couldn’t prove or understand it, it meant that it was not true. Following this train of thought, it was similar to as if the entire population was colorblind, could not not perceive colors, and would therefore claim that colors must not exist because the vast majority of people cannot see or understand them. How would you explain colours to someone who has never seen them and does not have the capacity to perceive them? If you were one of the very few people in that society who could actually see colours, you would quickly find yourself in trouble. The vast majority of the population would label you as “crazy” and put you in a “safe place”. Let’s throw out another example, just for fun, to further explain this concept. Let’s say that you lived in a place where no one had a sense of smell. How would you even begin to describe scent to people or even prove that it exists without sounding crazy?

The “Enlightenment” or “Age of Reason” was the period in which the term esotericism became synonymous with black magic or witchcraft in order to divert attention from it. In  truth, esotericism is not something negative. It is simply the humble belief that just because something cannot be understood at the current stage of our civilization, does not automatically imply that the belief is impossible or irrational. Esotericism encourages an open mind and the awareness that humans (even the wisest amongst them) are just like children walking among this plane. In reality, no one really knows what is truly going on, but everyone behaves as if they did. Being open towards esotericism and its study can have a very positive impact in a person’s life. It redirects an individual by encouraging them to seek answers beyond their current limitations and find their true purpose in life.

Esotericism and metaphysics are closely related. They examine essential principles of being and encourage the study of life. In other words, Esotericism is all about becoming a student of life; being open to learn new things and remain humble. So next time someone talks to you about an esoteric shop, just remember that they are not referring to a place dedicated to “profane rituals”. They’re referring to a place that is in love with studying life and all of its mysteries. If you’d like to know more about what you can find in an esoteric boutique, read on!

What Can You Find in an Esoteric Boutique?

The energy-spiritual plane is closer to us than most people imagine. Therefore, having the appropriate tools goes a long way when trying to connect with the spiritual realm, cleansing negative energies, opening paths to prosperity and balancing the body, mind and spirit. This is why having access to an honest and good esoteric shop becomes an advantage; because it puts the elements that the universe created for you at your disposal! Some of these sacred tools that can greatly help you raise your vibration are:

  • Incense: Every esoteric practice includes the burning of incense, whose function is This extends to immediate surroundings and the people present at the ceremony in question. Additionally, these substances open a channel through which you can make contact with higher-vibrational beings.
  • Sage: This herb is widely used in meditation sessions and healing rituals, as it has the ability to purify negative energies and emotions that do not serve you. Fun fact: Sage can also be used in the kitchen as a cooking spice!
  • Palo Santo: It is used to infuse spaces with fresh and clean energy. Furthermore, it promotes positive thoughts, facilitates relaxation and allows for a deeper connection with the people around you. Palo santo means “Holy wood” in spanish and is native to South America where it grows in the Andean mountains. For the Inca shamans, Palo Santo smoke wards off evil spirits and improves communication with the spiritual world during meditation.
  • Essential oils: Essential oils are used in ceremonies to purify the surrounding environment, raise your vibration and to anoint candles. This allows us to build a bridge to what isn’t visible, and to invoke celestial The best part about essential oils is that some of them can literally be used as medicine! Many of them have powerful medicinal and metaphysical properties.
  • Crystals: Crystals act by emitting energy in the form of positive vibrational frequencies that induce the natural processes of healing, spiritual elevation, relaxation, manifestation, prosperity, love and purification. Crystals concentrate the energy of the Earth and help to amplify one’s own energy. Crystals can be extremely powerful tools, if you study them and use them appropriately.
  • Herbs: What would esotericism be without plants and alchemy? Esoteric stores are often filled with medicinal herbs, decorative plants and other natural plant-based supplements to help you become the best version of yourself!
  • Books: If you want to master a certain subject in school you must study the books that are involved in the course. The same principle can be applied in life; by reading books about life! Unfortunately, most people completely forget that to navigate life you also need to become a fervent student of it. This is the reason why reading inspirational, spiritual and self-help books are so important! They teach you the important values of life so you can go out there and put them into practice.

As you can see, there is nothing negative about esoteric practices. It is simply a philosophy, a way of life that allows you to find peace with the universe, with those around you and with yourself by pushing you to become the best version of yourself. If you love good energy and you are looking for an esoteric boutique, look no further than : Crystal Dreams in Montreal!

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