Third round: solar plexus

by XieMark on January 18, 2021

Tiger Eye Palm Stone




The sun wheel is located in the center of the solar plexus, between the abdomen and the ribs of the belly button.




Characteristics: Transparent and yellow natural citrine, which is as sweet and clear as honey water, very beautiful. Some have cloudiness and natural ice cracks, which have become less and less common. Many of the heat-treated citrines on the market are heat-treated with amethyst. The color is darker and unnatural. In addition, there are also natural ice cracks. The citrine ore is heated to make its color more obvious, which is called color rendering, which is currently acceptable in the industry.

Physiological function: The yellow light corresponds to the sun wheel, which can help digestive organs such as the stomach, the stomach, duodenum, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and even the skin and diaphragm (respiratory system).

Psychological effect: As everyone knows, yellow light is mainly for wealth, and it is good for non-main business. For example, buying lottery tickets, stocks, funds and other speculative investments, or easy to have windfalls, is also a preference The best partner of friends in the Fangcheng War. Yellow light can also make it easier for people to stay rational and clear when encountering tension and confusion. Instead of dancing with them, they can see clearly the way they should go, break through difficulties, and achieve goals.


Titanium crystal:


Characteristics: Hair strands containing needle-like or plate-like mineral titanium. Titanium crystals become shiny gold after oxidation, which is the most precious crystal today. At present, I heard that the production area has been discontinued, because of its pleasing and scarce appearance, it is also the most expensive crystal on the market.

Physiological function: The yellow light corresponds to the sun wheel, which can help digestive organs such as the stomach, the stomach, duodenum, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and even the skin and diaphragm (respiratory system).

Psychological effect: both positive and partial wealth are recruited, the magnetic field is extremely strong! It can be used as amulets and lucky charms, especially for people who often work at night, or go to various places with high levels of miscellaneous gas and disease, such as medical places, cemeteries, etc., or special business places. The effect of Hua Ji also has the effect of dissolving some witchcraft or low-level spiritual body interference. For people who are indecisive, indecisive, and lacking initiative and courage, they can also strengthen their decisive decision-making power and increase courage and courage. Especially for leaders or senior managers who often make decisions, wear titanium crystals and be close to the solar plexus. , Will have more leadership and decision-making ability, lead the subordinates to start a new round together, and achieve extraordinary results in the career!


Jin Jin:

Traits: golden hair with hair-like or needle-like hair. The hair is round, thin and many.

Physiological function: The yellow light corresponds to the sun wheel, which can help digestive organs such as the stomach, the stomach, duodenum, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and even the skin and diaphragm (respiratory system).

Psychological effect: It attracts wealth and gathers energy, and it also has the effect of avoiding evil and transforming evil spirits. Hair crystals are usually more powerful than those without hair. Be careful not to overcharge your temper when wearing it. Suitable for people with mild tempers and courage. Wearing it is better for people who usually have bad tempers to avoid it.



Features: The reason for the formation is that the pine resin of the pine tree condenses into blocks when it flows down to the ground. After tens of thousands of years of natural changes, it produces golden or wine yellow transparent, with natural gas bubbles or other minerals inside, sometimes even There will be insect body excrement and so on. Now there are even merchants who can trap mosquitoes and small ants and other insect corpses in the process of making artificial amber, pretending to be natural, and driving up to sky-high prices, very wicked! The way to distinguish is: Insects and other debris in natural amber should be three-dimensional (I have a few! There are insects and insect poop inside, the ecology is smart and natural, and there is a feeling of struggling, some larger insects , There will still be small bubbles in front of his mouth that he exhales in the last breath! The worms stuffed in the palace have been processed and squashed, so they are provided for your reference.

However, in addition to the generally visible yellow, the natural color of amber includes rare red, orange, green, brown and even white.

The beeswax that is often said in the market is also a kind of amber, but it is opaque and has different characteristics from amber, so it is often mistaken for two different gems. Amber is easy to embrittle because of the original natural ore, so the jewelry industry allows it to go through some procedures to make it not easy to embrittle. In this process, the temperature will cause the natural gas bubble inside the amber to change, such as expansion or bursting, thus forming The internal patterns of different shapes, commonly known as crystalline flowers, are usually irregular, rather than artificially made in regular circles.

The above methods are recognized and permitted by the jewelry industry, so they cannot be regarded as imitations or non-natural, but there are also more embarrassing methods. For example, the synthetic method is to grind natural amber into powder, add some plastic materials, and add Synthesize and regenerate amber after warming! The natural structure of amber has been severely damaged, and some even dyed with dyes. Among them, many bubbles bursting crystal flowers produced by heating are mostly regular and dense round shapes, but it is probably difficult for ordinary people to identify, and some businesses even It also vigorously advocated that the more crystal flowers, the more precious they are.

Honey wax is amber, but its shape and color are different from translucent amber. Because of its higher succinic acid content, it is opaque. So merchants call it honey wax, so the function of real honey wax is the same as that of amber. Over time, due to human body temperature, the reduction of succinic acid will gradually turn into transparent amber.

When amber burns, it will produce a scent of rosin instead of the burnt smell of plastic. This is one of the methods of identification and the other is suitable for the fully saturated salt water test. The real amber will float, otherwise it will sink. . But this method of identification is not entirely correct.

The method of distinguishing the authenticity of beeswax is also the same as that of amber. Generally, the method of burning is used. If it is not convenient to burn, you can use a thin needle to pierce the beeswax or amber after the fire is hot, and then pull it out while it is hot. The smoke and the smell of rosin are real amber. If it is a counterfeit plastic synthetic product that emits white smoke and produces a plastic smell, and when the needle is pulled out, it will "draw the silk" out of fake amber, but the genuine product will not.

Physiological function: Golden amber has always been used in traditional Chinese medicine theory to calm the nerves and calm the qi, and can sterilize and avoid infectious diseases, so it is also used as incense ring or incense, and some people ground it into powder to stop nosebleeds. Burns or bruises, but it is said that the most effective is to prevent diseases of the throat and other respiratory organs. Therefore, it is often made as a maid hung near the throat chakra. In addition, it has a soothing effect on gastrointestinal discomfort and can even promote the activation of liver and kidney cells. .

Psychological function: due to the reason and process of the formation of amber, it is considered to have the stability power from the mother of the earth, so it also has the function of reconciling men and women, yin and yang, allowing people to have a sharper feeling when thinking, which can avoid evil and transform evil. In ancient times, he was used as a prop to exorcise evil spirits, and the warm touch when holding it symbolized the release of certain energy.



Features: Although many topaz balls can often be seen in the night market, the topaz of good color has a charming deep goose yellow and a uniform and beautiful texture. It is not the same as the topaz balls with white cloud patterns!

Physiological function: Topaz's most popular function is to help people become thin and beautiful. In fact, trying to be slim is the most important thing, but it is often visualized that yellow light can also regulate the digestive system.

Psychological function: Same as pink crystal: it can attract sweet romance, but it can also relieve some unpleasant negative emotions and transform it into an optimistic and enterprising positive attitude. In addition, the golden light of topaz can also attract partial wealth Power, you can make a topaz and hang it in a purse or carry it with you. It can bring windfall.



Characteristics: The color and texture of pyrite are often mistaken for gold, so it is also called "Fool's Gold". It is a common accessory mineral in igneous rock, bedrock and metamorphic rock. Oxidation will occur after the skin has been in contact for a long time, and some lines will appear like square radiation in the center, like sunlight lines when they grow up.

Physiological function: The golden yellow light corresponds to the sun wheel, which has a stimulating effect on the sun god crystal cluster, which can make people clear the mind, deal with things in an orderly manner, and also help the gastrointestinal digestive system.

Psychological effect: Everyone knows that golden color can attract wealth, especially partial wealth. Friends who want to draw a lottery, buy lottery tickets or stocks can make good use of it.


Tiger's Eye:

Characteristics: The sacred stone regarded by the Indians as the most noble symbol. The ore is shale, so it has crystals arranged neatly, which reflects the bright light like cat’s eyes, generally in black and yellow tones, like tiger patterns. There are also blue, yellow and black, called blue opals.

Physiological function: opal's golden color corresponds to the sun wheel and the mandibular wheel. It has the function of re-purifying and adjusting the discomfort of the body after overeating, and can bring a warm feeling to the body, which can quickly improve cold symptoms and asthma With bronchitis, it can also use her own energy to strengthen joints and bones, soothe and calm the metabolic nervous system.

Psychological function: The vitality energy like tiger's eye can make it easier for people to make breakthroughs in their careers, understand self-discipline, relieve stress and achieve goals, lead a happy life, and improve concentration and concentration, and maintain their mind. flexible.