What is the harm of amethyst not degaussing

by XieMark on January 12, 2021




Amethyst will have a radioactive effect if it is not demagnetized, which can weaken the radioactivity of amethyst and reduce the harm to the human body. Secondly, it will affect the body. The crystal will absorb the negative energy in the human body. The more negative energy it absorbs, it will affect the human body. In addition, it will cause too much stains. When the amethyst is turned over and then in the hands of consumers, there will be many bacteria. Demagnetization can remove the dirt.





If amethyst is not degaussed, it will have a radioactive effect. From a scientific point of view, amethyst is also a part of the ore. As long as it is an ore, it will more or less contain a certain amount of radioactive elements. One of the effects of degaussing is to weaken the amethyst The radioactivity, demagnetized amethyst, will reduce harm to the human body.

Affect the body



The non-demagnetization of amethyst will affect the body, because when people wear the crystal, it will absorb the negative energy in the body. Although the effect of the crystal to absorb the negative energy is very good, it is also limited. If the crystal absorbs too much negative energy, it will Human body affects the crystal, degaussing the crystal will increase the effectiveness of the crystal.


 Excessive stains



If amethyst is not degaussed, it will cause excessive stains. During the process of mining, production, and sales, the amethyst will pass through the hands of countless people and stain many bacteria. Another purpose of degaussing the crystal is to disinfect and remove the crystal. Of dirt.