What is the meaning of amethyst? What does it mean that boys give girls amethyst?

by XieMark on December 31, 2020
In Greek mythology, crystals with bai purple brilliance are regarded as the incarnation of beautiful girls. Legend has it that Bacchus, the god of Bacchus, attacked people who would pass by him when he was drunk. Just when the female official Amethtst walked down the path and was about to be attacked and sacrificed, the Moon Goddess gave her a crystal in time. Later, the Bacchus awoke from the drunken faintness, and felt remorse for his actions, so he poured the wine it was carrying on the crystal, which turned purple. Because of this allusion, amethyst has the meaning of [not drunk] in Greek. In ancient Rome, in order to avoid being drunk, he held an amethyst cup and drank at the banquet for fun, and spent the banquet happily. And amethyst is also regarded as [the ore that can avoid the ugliness of life after being drunk].
   Improve the sixth sense
   Amethyst is often used as [Stone of the Teacher] and used in special ceremonies. Amethyst has the effect of improving spiritual consciousness, which is commonly known as the sixth sense. Place the amethyst in the position of the third pair of eyes and let the energy concentrate on the head. When you want to make yourself inspired, or you want to hone your sensitivity, you can bring amethyst jewelry with you.
   calls for sincere love
   Pray that you will take it with you after you meet the right one, it will attract a sincere one for you, and make a love relationship. Guard people who are in love, let them escape from blind and dangerous love. It can also remove impure emotions, make vision more precise and have correct judgment. It is especially recommended for people who can't meet the true object, easily get confused and have a bad relationship.
   stable spirit
   Amethyst can remove anxiety and fear and stabilize your mental state. When you are troubled by insomnia and nightmares, you can place it next to your pillow like an evil spirit. At the same time, amethyst is also considered to be quite helpful for people with allergic diseases or asthma.
  Purification method and precautions
   can be smoked with sage, juniper leaves, incense, etc., or immersed in spring water or sea water to increase its brilliance and recharge the energy of the crystal. Put it on coarse salt to purify it from time to time, put plant essential oils in mineral water, occasionally add a few drops of floral essential oils, and soak overnight. Also, because sunlight tends to change the color of amethyst, please avoid direct sunlight.
   Amethyst: Develop intelligence, stabilize emotions, improve intuition, help thinking, concentrate thoughts, increase memory, improve interpersonal relationships, and give people courage and strength. The love that represents Gao Jie's steadfastness is often used as a love stone for lovers. Amethyst also represents the "guardian stone of love" in Western countries, and it can endow lovers and couples with deep love, chastity, honesty and courage.