What types of crystals are there? How is it distinguished?

by Mark Xie on August 09, 2020

When it comes to crystal, I believe everyone is familiar with it. There are many crystal products in our lives, such as crystal lamps, crystal bracelets, crystal cups and so on. They look noble and mysterious. Maybe crystal is not a material that everyone likes, but it is definitely attractive. Many people are very familiar with crystals. They just open their mouths to know the name of the crystal, but did you know that these crystals can be divided into many types according to different distinguishing methods? How do you distinguish them? Take a look. 1. According to the color, it can be divided into colored crystals and colorless crystals. Purple, yellow, pink, green and blue are colored crystals, while black, milky white, brown and colorless are colorless crystals. 2. According to the content of the crystal, it can be divided into "shape" crystal and "component" crystal. "Shape" crystals are so-called hair crystals, moss crystals, water bile crystals and landscape crystals. The crystal ore components of the "composition" crystals are different and can be mixed with other ore components, such as tourmaline, mica, rutile, etc., represented by rabbit hair crystals and ghost crystals. 3. Distinguish according to special optical effects. Under the influence of light refraction, reflection, interference, diffraction, etc., certain crystals can cause cat-eye effect, starlight effect and rainbow effect. Typical representatives are starlight pink crystals and rhyolite. 4. According to the formation method, the crystals can be divided into natural crystals, synthetic crystals and smelted crystals. Natural crystals are crystals formed by crustal movement in nature. In short, they are a small amount of minerals. Both synthetic crystals and molten crystals are manufactured artificially. The difference is that the smelted crystal does not have the crystal characteristics of the crystal itself, so most smelted crystals. Will be made into daily household products, such as fruit plates, crystal cups, etc. The above is an introduction to the classification of crystals. . Do you have a better understanding of crystals? In fact, whether you choose lighting or tableware, crystal products must be the best choice. They are completely practical, and they can always be decorative. You can choose the crystal products that suit you according to your preferences.

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