Amethyst Natural Geode Sphere
Amethyst Natural Geode Sphere
Amethyst Natural Geode Sphere
Amethyst Natural Geode Sphere
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Amethyst Natural Geode Sphere

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Amethyst effect and function

Amethyst is a very unique and beautiful crystal. Its color is dreamy and romantic, its crystal is translucent, and its beauty is full of beauty. It has been loved by countless girls, and it is a noble and romantic endorsement no matter in the east or west. There is temperament, but besides its beautiful appearance, Amethyst also has many magical effects and functions.

The meaning of amethyst

1. Amethyst means happiness and peace. In our country, amethyst, like traditional jade, has the meaning of happiness and well-being. I hope that amethyst can make the wearer healthy and successful in business. Amethyst contains many wonderful elements and energy. , Long-term wearing can make people feel peaceful and stable, so that they can be full of energy and full of energy at all times

2. Amethyst means perfect love. Amethyst is a famous stone of love in the West. It is the best choice for lovers. Wearing it between couples can give each other the courage to guard their love and make love stronger and stronger. sweet

The efficacy and function of amethyst

1. Improve wisdom

Amethyst can improve wisdom and develop intelligence. Amethyst corresponds to the eyebrow chakra of the human body. It can promote brain cell activity, accelerate brain operation, help thinking, focus, strengthen memory, make people think more open, develop intelligence, and improve Wisdom, very suitable for student parties and office workers with common brains

2. Guarding love

Amethyst can protect love. Amethyst is a famous love stone. It is very good to wear it to give courage and honest love between couples and couples. It is very good to build a copper wall and iron wall for love, and firmly guard the love between each other. Love stone

3. Improve temperament

Amethyst can enhance temperament and improve social interaction. The purple of amethyst is one of the most expensive colors. Often bathed in this color, the temperament and attractiveness will be greatly improved. It can attract the nobles and the destined, and improve Interpersonal communication is very helpful

4. Improve sleep quality

Amethyst can alleviate insomnia and improve sleep. Amethyst corresponds to the eyebrow of the human body and can promote cell activation of the cerebellum, right brain and central nervous system, thereby eliminating insomnia and improving sleep quality.

Retail information

100% pure natural amethyst ball

Size : 110 mm

Weight : 2 Kg

*Retail purchase: You will get a crystal similar to the picture, and its size is almost the same as the above size. Please note that since each gem is unique and natural, it may be slightly different from the gem in the picture. However, please rest assured that the quality and authenticity will remain unchanged. All measured values ​​are approximate. Authenticity and quality are 100% guaranteed.

Wholesale information

Product description: The price is piece by piece (please note that the wholesale price is hidden and only disclosed to our official distributors).

*Wholesale purchase: The price is a single piece. In order to be able to see the wholesale price, you need to apply to become an official distributor.

Material: Crystal
Size: For details, please contact customer service.
Material: 100% Crystal