Aragonite Meaning - Aragonite Healing Properties



Introduction to Aragonite

Aragonite Star Clusters facilitate the release of negative energy, anger, anxiety and fear from the body. They radiate energy outwards, beaming rays of light and love out in all directions. Holding one of these Aragonite Star Clusters helps you to be more connected to the Earth as you stabilize your emotions.

The aragonite meaning and energy has been one that I have always admired from afar. I always felt as if it was telling me to look, but not to touch. These aragonite star clusters always seemed so fragile and delicate, but the closer I looked, its foundation was sturdy and strong.

Aragonite Meaning

Over 20 years ago, when I first began to study healing crystals, the aragonite metaphysical properties held a reputation of being a powerhouse mineral; one that gets to the root of a situation. If you have an issue that you’re sweeping under the rug, it’s going to bring it up so fast that the rug just disappears. It brings up anger, fear, unresolved emotions and every other cobweb within your mind and body that you would prefer to deal with at a later time.

On the positive side, the aragonite meaning has this lure about it that seems to tell us IF you deal with your self-perceived dark side, there is a gift waiting for you on the other side. It invites you to come closer, to look deep within all the tubes of energy that all originate from one central point. The aragonite meaning emanates this is the light. Each tube of energy beams light outwards, surrounding you with a web of light. You will be and feel better than before, but you must face your dark side to feel its light. Aragonite says, I am a cluster of light, and you too can also feel like a star shining bright in the sky. You can be a human star, BUT you must walk through the void, as the light awaits you.

I looked at this mineral for 20 years, and I never worked with it. The other day, when it arrived in our office, as it sparkled and shimmered, I immediately wanted it. It lures you in with its beauty and unique nature, that all you want to do is touch and hold it. However, once I did, everything I knew about it came flashing back: Be gentle with me, as I am fragile, strong and wise.

Aragonite Meditation

Find a comfortable seated position in your home to connect with the aragonite meaning. Be aware that its energy may likely bring emotions, anger and any other unresolved issues to the surface so that you can heal and let go of them. Due to this, this is a crystal ritual that you probably want to do alone in a private area. Hold an aragonite star cluster in each of your hands and close your eyes. Visualize any anger, fear or negative emotions streaming out from your mind, bod and spirit and into the crystals. Visualize light emanating from the clusters, filling your aura and being with high-vibrations. Sit in your meditation long enough to feel a shift in energy. Let yourself really feel the emotions that arise and really go there with yourself. When you are finished, slowly open your eyes and let them acclimate to your surroundings. Gently release your clusters from your hands and place them in a safe place. Don’t forget to cleanse your crystals after your meditation!