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Seven Chakras Meanings

Chakras are the energy center of the human body. They are located on the central axis of the human body. From bottom to top, they are: sea chakra, sun chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, brow chakra, and crown chakra. Seven rounds can control and regulate the body's twelve meridians and various endocrine, hormones, hormones, etc. Each chakra resonates with the corresponding crystal frequency. The chakra works smoothly, and our body is healthy and balanced. If it is not smooth, we will be invaded by negative energy or disease. Choose the right crystal and release our negative energy.Here let's learn more about chakra meanings.

  • Seventh round: Crown Chakra

position: top of the head / corresponding color: white, purple
Related endocrine glands: Pineal gland / Related organs: Large and small brain, right eye
Crown Chakra energy balance: the characteristics of human beings: turn on the divinity, and can enter and exit people's subconscious and unconscious at will
Crown Chakra  of the performance of people with insufficient energy: migraine, dark circles, easy baldness or dandruff;
There is hardly any fun in life, easily nervous, and unable to make a decision when faced with choices.
Related emotions: piety, desire for divinity, spirituality
Corresponding crystals: amethyst, white ghost crystal, white crystal

  • Sixth round: Throat Chakra

Location: neck, center of throat / Corresponding color: purple
Related endocrine glands: pituitary gland / related organs: ear, nose, left eye
The characteristics of the sixth energy balance person: completely dominate oneself, do not accept the constraints of the material world, have a strong leadership temperament, and accept knowledge from many different sources.
The sixth round of the performance of people with insufficient energy: often feel pain or even numbness, easy to diarrhea, excessive fatigue; indecisive personality, low requirements for oneself, almost no discipline, care too much about the feelings of others.
Related emotions: piety, inspiration
Corresponding crystal: amethyst, fluorite

  • Fifth round: Third Eye Chakra

Position: Between the two eyebrows / Corresponding color: blue
Related endocrine glands: thyroid / related organs: bronchi, vocal organs, lungs
Third Eye Chakra  of energy balance: People are calm, usually talented in music or art, good at expressing and communicating, and interested in and researching spiritual subjects.
Third Eye Chakra  of performance for people with insufficient energy: Emotions are easily restless, the face is often flushed, ulcers and inflammation are often produced; quiet and shy, and do not like to express.
Related emotions: sadness
Corresponding crystals: aquamarine, blue chalcedony, lapis lazuli, labradorite, blue tourmaline

  • Fourth round: Heart Chakra

Location: the center of the heart / Corresponding colors: green, pink
Related endocrine glands: pancreas, lymph glands / related organs: heart, lungs, circulatory system, immune system
Heart Chakra of energy balance: the characteristics of people: always see the positive aspects of things and the advantages of others, are active members in the group, full of compassion and compassion, and can rationally distinguish right from wrong.
Third Eye Chakra of performance of people with insufficient energy: heartache, heart palpitations. Sometimes there is shortness of breath or difficulty. Accompanied by high blood pressure and insomnia, they are easily depressed and self-pity, very indecisive, and often feel resentful.
Related emotions: attachment, affection
Corresponding crystals: rose crystal, rhodolite, rose tourmaline, green ghost crystal,

  • Third round: Solar Chakra

Location: between the navel and ribs, the solar nerve from the center / Corresponding color: yellow
County officials’ endocrine glands: spleen / related organs: stomach, duodenum, liver, gallbladder, pancreas
Solar Chakra of energy balance: lively and cheerful, know how to respect others, have a strong sense of mission, and be good at giving play to talent.
Solar Chakra of performance of people with insufficient energy: mental fatigue, poor breathing, easy depression, fear of loneliness; lack of confidence, very caring about other people's views of themselves, feel that their life is controlled by others, and thus fall into the abyss of confusion.
Related emotions: anger
Corresponding crystals: citrine, topaz, amber, tiger's eye, pyrite

  • Second round: Sacral Chakra

Position one inch below the belly button / Corresponding color: Orange
Related endocrine glands: gonads / related organs: reproductive organs
Sacral Chakra of energy balance human characteristics: friendly and optimistic, a sense of belonging, creative and imaginative, strong intuition
Sacral Chakra of energy-deficient people's performance: easy to be constipated, muscle cramps or cramps, lack of vitality; overly sensitive to the environment, cringe with personality, unwilling to express emotions, easy to be cynical.
Related emotions: desire, greed
Corresponding crystals: citrine, topaz, yellow tourmaline, amber

  • First round: Root Chakra

Location: between genitals and anus, spine and tailbone / Corresponding colors: red, black
Related endocrine glands: adrenal glands / related organs: spine, kidney
Root Chakra of energy balance: concentration, self-control, healthy and lively
Root Chakra of performance of people with insufficient energy: physical weakness and lack of vitality, anemia or hypoglycemia, poor blood circulation leading to cold hands and feet; lack of confidence, often inexplicable tension and fear, unable to firm goals.
Related emotions: greed, fear, fear
Corresponding crystals: citrine, obsidian, black crystal, red hair crystal, red agate, garnet

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