Pink and peach crystals

Pink stones carry the essence of unconditional love and resonate with the heart and higher heart chakras and the planet Venus. These comforting stones alleviate anxiety. Excellent emotional healers, they overcome loss, dispel trauma, and promote forgiveness and attunement to universal love. Peach stones are gently energizing, uniting the heart and sacral chakras and combining love with action. Pink and peach stones are ideal for wearing for long periods of time.




Red and orange crystals

Red stones resonate with the base and sacral chakras and the planet Mars, energizing and initiating action. These crystals heighten libido and stimulate creativity. Traditionally, red stones are used to treat hemorrhages and inflammation. Their effect is extremely stimulating and for short-term use. The color of vitality, orange stones resonate with the sacral chakra and the sun. Excellent for stimulating creativity and assertiveness, they have a vibrant yet grounding energy that gets things done.


Yellow, cream, and gold crystals

Yellow crystals work with the solar plexus and the mind, balancing emotion and intellect. Traditionally they were used to cure biliousness, jaundice, and other diseases of the liver, and are excellent for reducing seasonal depression, bringing the warmth of the sun into winter. Gold stones have long been associated with wealth and abundance. Yellow crystals resonate with the intellectual planet Mercury, and both yellow and gold crystals resonate with the sun.


Green crystals

Green stones resonate with the heart chakra and the planet Venus, providing emotional healing and instilling compassion. Traditionally, these stones relieved diseases of the eye and improved vision, as the color mimicked nature and soothed tired eyes.



Green-blue and turquoise crystals

Green-blue and turquoise crystals resonate with higher levels of being. They stimulate spiritual awareness and metaphysical abilities. Many turquoise stones connect to cosmic consciousness, drawing it down to earth, and all instill profound peace and relaxation. These stones work at the third eye, uniting the heart and intuition.




Blue and indigo crystals

Blue stones resonate with the throat chakra and are excellent for self-expression. Traditionally these stones were a tonic— and a symbol of chastity. Reflecting the blue of heaven, they procured the assistance of spirits of light to counteract darkness. Indigo stones link to the highest states of consciousness and to the depths of space. Stimulating intuition and metaphysical abilities, they bring about a mystical perception of the world when placed at the third eye and cohere spiritual identity at the soma chakra.




Purple, lavender, and violet crystals

Purple stones resonate with the crown and higher crown chakras, the planet Jupiter, and multidimensional realities, drawing spiritual energy into the physical plane, and encouraging service to others. Lavender and violet stones have a lighter and finer vibration that links to the highest states of awareness.





Brown crystals

Brown stones are connected with the earth chakra and with cleansing and purifying energies. Grounding and protecting, they absorb noxious substances and induce stability and centeredness. They are traditionally associated with the pragmatic planet Saturn and also resonate with transformative Pluto.





Black, silver, and gray crystals

Black stones are strongly protective because they entrap negative energies, which are then transmuted. They are also excellent detoxifiers. Many silver-gray stones are metallic in origin and were traditionally believed to have alchemical properties of transmutation and invisibility. Black and gray crystals are associated with the planet Saturn, while silver crystals are associated with the moon and with the planet Mercury.




White and colorless crystals

White and colorless stones carry the vibration of pure light, linking to the highest realms of being, and resonate with the higher crown chakra and with the moon. Powerful energizers, they purify and heal the biomagnetic sheath and radiate energy out into the environment.



Combination stones

Combination stones, as might be expected, bring together the qualities of the component crystals, but the whole is greater than its parts. It is as though the stone moves to a higher vibration and becomes more effective. The larger, decorative stones are particularly useful as environmental enhancers, and smaller pieces make excellent healing stones.


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