Epidote Meaning - Epidote Healing Properties



Introduction to Epidote

When you have been betrayed, it can be difficult to discuss your feelings, even with your family and your closest friends. You might feel embarrassed or ashamed for having allowed yourself to be misled. This is the time to use Epidote. Speak to it. Talking about your hurt with your crystal will help to diffuse toxic emotions. Epidote can help you to move past the painful experience by acknowledging the pain. It acts like a sponge, absorbing anger, resentment, hurt, confusion, frustration, and disappointment. Epidote reminds you to stop giving the old betrayal any more attention. It’s time to move forward.

Rather than keeping protective barriers around your heart, Epidote encourages you to start to break them down so you can open yourself up to love and connection with others. Working with Epidote gives you the strength to face the betrayal head on so that it no longer holds power over you. It will help you get to a place where you are ready to tear down the walls around you heart and start to rebuild your ability to trust.