Iolite Meaning - Iolite Healing Properties



Introduction to Iolite

Iolite helps to eliminate debt. Instead of living in shame or regret, work with Iolite to climb your way out. This stone unites the mind, body, and spirit, emboldening you to reevaluate your financial life and become more financially responsible. Iolite pushes you to explore your behaviors surrounding money so you can eliminate debt once and for all.

Iolite assists in breaking the cycle of debt by getting to the heart of the matter. It encourages you to address the issues that got you into financial trouble in the first place. How did you get here? Maybe it was an accumulation of honest mistakes. Maybe it was because you never felt worthy enough and overcompensated by buying things. Whatever the reason, the uplifting vibrations of Iolite can help you transform your relationship with money and rebalance your budget.

Connecting with the raw honesty of Iolite helps you to prioritize your spending. When making a purchase, ask yourself, Do I really need to spend this amount? Iolite helps you to rethink your purchases before you go through with them. Are you eating out when you could be saving money by buying food to cook at home? Do you have to buy a new dress for that wedding, or could you wear one that you that already own? Iolite lends you the courage to say “no” to impulsive and unnecessary purchases so you can stop debt from piling up.