English customer service

1. Job responsibilities:

1. Track customer orders, find and solve problems in time, and ensure the normal operation of orders;

2. After-sales service, reply to customer email content, answer customers' questions about goods and logistics;

3. Summarize the customer's requirements and the operation of the order, make a timely summary and propose solutions in a targeted manner.

2. Job requirements:

1. Good English, strong reading and writing skills, able to communicate with customers by email in English proficiently;

2. Familiar with computer operation, familiar with the installation and use of common software, and have certain basic network knowledge;

3. International trade, business English major is preferred, foreign trade experience is preferred;

Graphic design

1. Job responsibilities:

Complete the design and production of the company's product website homepage, product details page, and poster pictures

2. Job requirements:

1. Proficient in drawing software such as Photoshop

2. Strong independent design ability, good color feeling, unique insights and expressiveness, and active thinking.

3. Work experience in e-commerce is preferred

Business BD

1. Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for market development and sales, execute and complete the company's sales plan;

2. According to the company's strategy, expand market share while ensuring profitability;

3. Maintain old customers and ensure that customers can use the company's services and products in a long-term and stable manner;

4. Communicate well with customers, grasp customer needs, and provide customers with active, enthusiastic and satisfactory services;

5. According to the company's strategy and tactics, independently carry out quotation, contract terms negotiation and contract signing. In the process of executing the contract, coordinate the work of various service departments;

6. Grasp the market trend, combine the company's internal data, and provide regular market analysis reports to guide customers and internal sharing

2. Job requirements:

1.1 years of work experience, Internet background is preferred;

2. Agree with the company's business model and be optimistic about the company's development;

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