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K2 Stone


Introduction to K2 Stone

All crystals contain force fields of healing energy, but some are more monumental than others. Meet the K2 crystal, a unique stone mined from the snowy peaks of Pakistan's K2, the second highest mountain in the world. These rugged snowy peaks make mining difficult, which is why this special stone is extremely rare and hard to find.

Great things never come easy but it's always worth it, especially in the case of K2. A rare combination of Azurite and Granite, the K2 crystal balances your earthly experience with a higher consciousness, allowing you to go deep into the spirit world while being firmly grounded to the earth.

K2 Stone Meaning

“In this great future you can't forget your past." The warm and buttery lyrics of Bob Marley remind us that our ancestral heritage contains a treasure trove of wisdom. After all, it was the razor sharp intuition of our ancestors that helped them survive saber tooth tigers, invading marauders, and a lack of modern medicine. It might not be the dark ages, but the K2 crystal applies to today's world because it helps us see the future with a new clarity and vision.

Because of its ability to promote a grounding intuition, the K2 is an excellent stone for deepening your meditation practice. For a spiritual awakening with this special stone, begin your journey in a sacred space free of clutter and distractions. This means stepping away from the television and your cell phone and entering an environment that promotes healing and relaxation. Take a 20 minute break from your everyday routine and get up close and personal with the K2 crystal, a gemstone that dances to the beat of its own drum and encourages you to do the same.

During your therapeutic session, sit quietly with the stone and give it an intention, which programs it to support and promote all of your dreams. Just as the Quartz crystal serves as the oscillator for watches and electronics, K2 can be programmed by our minds help us go confidently in the direction of bliss, living the life we've always imagined.

K2 Stone Healing Properties

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With its silvery gray color marked with perfectly circular blue orbs, the K2 crystal has an almost otherworldly appearance. Like a magical Faberge egg gifted from Mother Nature, this relatively new stone has been creating a buzz at gemstone shows across the country.

To access the powerful energy of this stone, prepare for a mind-bending journey to the heavens when you incorporate the K2 crystal into a meditation ritual before bedtime. Place a stone over your third eye chakra and breathe in its healing vibes, asking it to guard you while you sleep by protecting you from nightmares and giving you insight into the fascinating dream world of the unconscious mind.

Besides its extremely rare and distinctive aesthetic, the K2 crystal stone vibrates with a powerful energy, which makes it an excellent stone for healing. This combination crystal gets its celestial quality from Azurite and its grounding and stabilizing properties from Granite, giving you the benefits of a peaceful mind, the stepping-stone to spiritual enlightenment. If you seek universal truths, meditate with the K2 crystal and go deep. And by deep we mean as far back as past lives and ancestral lineage. Because it’s when the past and present merge that we begin to see the divine truth of the universe unfolding before our eyes.

K2 Stone Properties

To get the most out of your meditation practice, simply focus your attention on a particular aspect of life and get ready to enjoy the benefits of stability, relaxation, and a more crystallized direction of your goals. Borrowing from the Zen tradition, gaze at the stone and let your eyes take in the beauty of the crystal as your surroundings flow effortlessly in synchronicity.

The K2 crystal is a combination stone with an impressive ancestral pedigree that can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Native American healers who used Azurite in their healing rituals. Occasionally marked with Green Malachite inclusions, its perfect blue orbs look like dye but to everyone’s surprise, these unique characteristics are actually a natural formation, adding to its ethereal and otherworldly aesthetic.

The K2 crystal meaning is associated with the strength and resolve that comes from feeling harmonious and balanced in all aspects of life. It’s the granite that gives K2 its powerful grounding effects, opening the doors to your sharpest intuition. Making up the foundation of earth's crust, granite helps anchor us to the earth while our spirit floats on puffy white clouds and converses with angels. With the K2 crystal stone, find your inner muse and ask your creative spirit to come out and play.

Evoking the spirit of Chhogori, the second highest mountain in the world, K2 reminds us that the higher we climb, the more amazing the view at the top.