Pink Opal Meaning - Pink Opal Healing Properties

Pink Opal


Introduction to Pink Opal

Pink Opal allows you to be more empathetic. Empathy is a two-part process. It requires you to both understand someone else’s feelings and to share in them. When you’re feeling a lack of empathy, connect with the energy of Pink Opal.

Pink Opal shifts the focus from yourself to another so you can learn to acknowledge someone else’s struggle or difficult situation. Pink Opal helps to balance your own emotions so you can approach someone in need with a calm and centered demeanor. This stone opens your heart to feeling what others feel, without judgment. It lends an attitude of compassion and love that helps you find common ground with everyone you encounter. By creating space in your heart to share in other’s experiences, connecting with this crystal also enhances your ability to truly feel what others feel.

As an added benefit of working with Pink Opal to practice empathy toward others, you will learn to be more empathetic with yourself. Self-empathy is a powerful tool for developing a positive and loving relationship with yourself. If this seems difficult for you, Pink Opal can help.

If you routinely find yourself sticking to one perspective without allowing for empathy, it’s time to work with Pink Opal. This crystal encourages important growth within your spirit. Next time you notice yourself judging someone else’s behavior, Pink Opal will inspire you to take a moment to truly see and hear the situation from their point of view. When you’re ready to let love, compassion, and understanding inspire you, Pink Opal will establish a deeper sense of empathy.