7 chakra bracelet, natural crystal healing jewelry.
7 chakra bracelet, natural crystal healing jewelry.
7 chakra bracelet, natural crystal healing jewelry.
7 chakra bracelet, natural crystal healing jewelry.
7 chakra bracelet, natural crystal healing jewelry.
7 chakra bracelet, natural crystal healing jewelry.
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7 chakra bracelet, natural crystal healing jewelry.

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What is a chakra bracelet?

         The chakra bracelet is an accessory used to balance the seven chakras, which are said to be energy centers used by Indian and Eastern cultures for centuries. These bracelets usually consist of seven gems or charms of different colors or patterns, each part representing a chakra-crown, eyebrows, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacrum and base. Restoring smokers can benefit from chakra bracelets. The benefits of wearing a chakra bracelet come directly from the energy of the stone used. Others say that the bracelet only raises awareness and allows people to focus more on maintaining the balance of these seven energies. Used in alternative medicine to promote healing and vitality. Chakra bracelets can also be used for aesthetic purposes only. Gems are usually used for chakra bracelets. Each type of bead has a different purpose. For example, the large beads used in chakra bracelets can be used as worry beads. For smokers, they can restore their attention from this pain, or as part of concentrating on treating chronic diseases. It is also an alternative to beneficial chakra bracelets. One use is to rely on the power of gems or crystals. These bracelets use gems with special energy properties to subtly change the life and health of the wearer. Theoretically, negative energy leaves the wearer and is trapped in the bracelet. Positive energy then radiates from each stone and rebalances the chakras. There are many explanations for the power of different crystals, and the creator of the bracelet usually provides a reason for the particular gemstone chosen. The beads in the chakra bracelet can be made of many materials, but the color is very important. Each chakra is represented by a color-purple/white, indigo, light blue, green/pink, yellow, orange, and red. Purple and green are more common than white and pink, but these minor manifestations occasionally occur. These seven colors are also the colors of the rainbow. When the chakra bracelet is made of beads, any color material can be used to make the beads. These materials range from gems to plastic beads. There is also a silver chakra bracelet with representative chakra symbols engraved on it. The only basic feature of a chakra bracelet is that the wearer understands its meaning. Not every rainbow colored bracelet is a chakra bracelet, but all such colored bracelets can be worn as a chakra bracelet to achieve the desired balance and healing effect. Chakra bracelets are usually arranged in rainbow colors.

Retail information

Product description: Smooth stone chakra bracelet with adjustable braided rope

Seven chakras:
ROOT CHAKRA-Grounding and safety
SACRAL CHAKRA-emotions, relationships and self-worth
SOLAR PLEXUS-your personal strength and happiness
HEART CHAKRA-love, understanding, trust and hope
Throat CHAKRA-self-expression and communication
The third eye-connect with others higher self, strengthen mental ability
CROWN CHAKRA-general awareness and enlightenment

*Retail purchase: You will get a crystal similar to the picture, and its size is almost the same as the above size. Please note that since each gem is unique and natural, it may be slightly different from the gem in the picture. However, please rest assured that the quality and authenticity will remain unchanged. All measured values ​​are approximate. Authenticity and quality are 100% guaranteed.

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Product description: The price is piece by piece (please note that the wholesale price is hidden and only disclosed to our official distributors).

*Wholesale purchase: The price is a single piece, and for each additional quantity, you will get 1 chakra bracelet. In order to be able to see the wholesale price, you need to apply to become an official distributor.
Material: Crystal
Size: For details, please contact customer service.
Material: 100% Crystal