High quality AAA natural Peruvian Amazon stone smooth round beads
High quality AAA natural Peruvian Amazon stone smooth round beads
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High quality AAA natural Peruvian Amazon stone smooth round beads

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Amazon stone efficacy and function

Tianhe stone is also called amazon stone, and it is very popular with everyone because of its clear tone. Tianhe Stone has many functions and effects. It not only maintains the host family, but also helps everyone to get out of their lives and realize the information atmosphere. Tianhe Stone can help everyone turn the crisis into peace, and the death will be auspicious.

Reiki effects of Tianhe Stone:
(1). Tianhe Stone is a spar of self-confidence. For a while, everyone who is depressed in feelings, examination venues, large shopping malls, and arenas, can communicate with the kinetic energy of Tianhe Stone to gain confidence, courage, and good luck. , Is conducive to ignite self-confidence, start over again, turn defeat into victory!

(2). According to the secret legend of the Western Regions, the green and blue Tianhe stone contains good luck, speculative, and the kinetic energy to turn danger into safety; it is very easy to make a profit when playing cards with this spar; it is very easy to make a successful fortune by investing in projects and doing business. Get rich; take on dangerous tasks, it is very easy to get the nobles to give pointers, and die.

The efficacy and function of Tianhe stone

(3). Conducive to solving energy, it’s not easy to think badly, love to be stubborn, to avoid self-willingness, self-abuse, torture, and self-destruction; for all hesitating people, it is helpful for them to make up their minds, improve their ambitions, and achieve Overall objective.

It can help soothe the nerves and help sleep, avoid insomnia, and relieve neck and spine pain. It is also suitable for pregnant women because of its fetal effect.

Retail information

Product description: A 100% polished Amazon stone bead.
• The average size of the string of beads is 8 mm: 38 cm in length, 48 beads per string, and a total weight of 46 grams.
• The average size of the beads is 10 mm: 38 cm long, each with 38 beads, with a total weight of 58 grams.

*Retail purchase: You will get a crystal similar to the picture, and its size is almost the same as the above size. Please note that since each gem is unique and natural, it may be slightly different from the gem in the picture. However, please rest assured that the quality and authenticity will remain unchanged. All measured values ​​replace approximate values. Authenticity and quality are 100% guaranteed.

Wholesale information


Product description: The price is piece by piece (please note that the wholesale price is hidden and only revealed to our official distributors).

*Wholesale purchase: The price is a single piece. In order to be able to see the wholesale price, you need to apply to become an official distributor.


Material: Crystal
Size: For details, please contact customer service.
Material: 100% Crystal