Aquamarine Round Beaded Bracelet -1
Aquamarine Round Beaded Bracelet -1
Aquamarine Round Beaded Bracelet -1
Aquamarine Round Beaded Bracelet -1
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Aquamarine Round Beaded Bracelet -1

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Aquamarine efficacy and function

Aquamarine is a very precious gemstone. Among our crystal jewelry, it is considered more expensive. Many people call it "Kyanite" because it is blue and the price is also very high. Among the modern popular gemstones, women like aquamarine. There are more people, especially white-collar workers, mostly women with successful careers.

1. The meaning of aquamarine is not only related to marine protection, but also has positive qualities related to its powerful water element. Aquamarine properties are usually related to communication, relationship and courage. They are usually related to the nature of water and sea.

2. Aquamarine means self-expression. It is said that this gem will form the throat chakra. Aquamarine will help you when you want to express yourself.

3. Aquamarine will help its owners to be honest. If you feel nervous in public or have difficulty telling the truth, Aquamarine will support you. People may also become defensive if they feel nervous when talking to people. If you have someone you want to contact, please try Aquamarine. Aquamarine is a gem that helps smooth communication.

4. Aquamarine is traditionally used for wedding rings or birthday gifts. The meaning of aquamarine engagement ring is freedom from temptation and a happy future. This stone is very suitable for making amulets. Putting aquamarine gemstones in the bedroom is thought to increase communication between husband and wife.

5. The metaphysical meaning of aquamarine has water element. Water always flows around, so it is usually accompanied by good communication and positive reactions, and becomes the key to a good relationship. This is why this stone is often used as a gift for the 19th wedding anniversary.

6. In the art of crystal therapy, aquamarine is usually associated with pressure effects and healing of throat problems. The meaning of the birthstone of aquamarine, among the various birthstones related to people born in March, aquamarine is one of them. Aquamarine has various tones from light blue to dark, and has a variety of brightness, which is different in meaning. Its blue meaning is related to the characteristics of people born in March, especially spiritual and metaphysical attributes. The metaphysical attributes will guide and protect people born in March.

Retail information

Product description: A 100% polished Aquamarine bracelet. You will receive similar stones, but not exactly stones in these photos. Every stone is unique and beautiful, so please expect small changes in color, texture and size

Size: 6-7 inch wrist circumference; elastic.

*Retail purchase: You will get a crystal similar to the picture, and its size is almost the same as the above size. Please note that since each gem is unique and natural, it may be slightly different from the gem in the picture. However, please rest assured that the quality and authenticity will remain unchanged. All measured values ​​are approximate. Authenticity and quality are 100% guaranteed.

Wholesale information

Product description: The price is piece by piece (please note that the wholesale price is hidden and only disclosed to our official distributors).

*Wholesale purchase: The price is a single piece. In order to be able to see the wholesale price, you need to apply to become an official distributor.
Material: Crystal
Size: For details, please contact customer service.
Material: 100% Crystal